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July 1, 2016

To Sleep

Friday. For all my talk yesterday about it being an upbeat day, it's obvious, from wrestling with it this morning, the quality of the writing certainly didn't improve. Sigh.

To bed before ten for a less even night's sleep than we had yesterday, but awakening just before six to go through the usual routine in getting ready to head out to breakfast: the sky clear, the air cool, the walk rather nice.

We'll see how this day goes after our hyper yesterday. So far, so good. Can't really tell at this moment there's all that much difference. The UPS truck arrived before ten and so the package due today has been taken care of, giving us plenty of time to head out to take another look at Latham Square. They were working on it yesterday, as I passed it on the bus, heading for Jack London Square, maybe we'll see some progress worth documenting today.

Later. So far, so good: nice day, decent temperature, the head/sinuses/vision conspiracy behaving well. No complaints now that we're into the afternoon.

A bus to Latham Square to take the usual set of pictures, three workmen repairing a small section of the brick road, but otherwise not much going on. There was a kid's event underway next door in front of City Hall.

I don't usually shoot pictures at children's events, but there was a large fish tank I felt the need to photograph before catching a bus to the Grand Lake theater and then walk to the Walgreen's pharmacy to pick up a prescription refill. All this complicated running around without problem or complaint. So far. Knock on wood. Burn incense. Sacrifice a goat.

Later still. The usual news programs while turning over ideas that might get me up going somewhere, if only to pick up that diet Coke I've been threatening to get these last several days. Still feel good, though. Don't want to say anything more and run it off the track.

The flippant explanation I made, after finding the wide open apartment house front door yesterday, saying that one of the tenants here in the building had been taken to the hospital in an ambulance, came back this afternoon to reveal itself as the insensitive and crude remark that it was and is, as we learned this morning he had indeed died of a massive heart attack.

I suspect at some level the carelessness, the “flippancy” of the remark, had to do with the fact it could have happened to any one of a number of us here in the building, you never know as they grow more likely as you grow older. It may well be that at some deeper level you know it will be your turn sooner than you might imagine and the flippancy arises to push it away to make it less real or threatening.

Didn't know him all that well, but I've certainly said hello in the hallways in passing for as long as I've lived in the apartment and he at all times seemed a genuinely decent kind of guy. So. We live, we learn. And then we learn all over again.

Evening. Listened to Democracy Now, skipped New Tricks (yes, it was another one I've seen), checked out the Midsomer Murders, not an interesting start, turned to Charlie Rose which proved to be of more interest, but broke away finally and headed for bed. One hopes to sleep.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.