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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


July 2, 2016


Saturday. To sleep early enough, awakening ten minutes before six to get up reasonably coherently and get on with the morning routine, the sky overcast, the weather people saying it will be cooler through the weekend, the sun not showing until afternoon, when it will climb into the seventies. OK, so a walk to breakfast thinking maybe I should have added a sweater under the light jacket, but no complaints. A good start, so far, I'd be willing to say.

Passed by this car parked in front of a pet store on the way home. Wasn't sure what it was as I was approaching. Some kind of trash caught in the underside of the car? Became apparent what it was quite quickly, the thought passing: what sort of person would torture a poor stuffed animal like this? Stuffed animal? Oh. Right. Reset the head, walk on.

Later. There'd been a rental truck unloading what looked to be tents and such at the pergola by the lake as I was walking home and later, in the apartment, I could hear a rhythm track coming from the direction of the pergola, so a walk over to the lake to find a DJ setup with two people dancing, others on blankets watching. And so another picture. Or two.

On to the farmer's market, passing a young man playing a drum kit at the corner of Grand and MacArthur by the 580 overpass. He was good. I thought really good: tight, fast, right on the beat and able to throw a drum stick up into the are now and then and catch it. Looked like he could toss and catch the drum stick in his sleep. More pictures.

On to the ice cream shop (two scoops in a waffle cup, what else?) and then back home to lie down for a while, some thirty minutes of which was sleep. An afternoon nap not for the first time this week.

The music seems louder from the pergola. I'd read a comment online - Twitter? - there was music planned for this holiday weekend and I'm guessing this is part of it. The sun came out at ten and we've had clear skies for the rest of the afternoon, the temperature still quite reasonable. Me? I've been watching television.

Evening. A bit slower this day than these last two or three upbeat days, but fast enough to consider it another win. At least good going on better. If you can say such about sitting inside and watching television. Mostly. Through an afternoon and into the evening.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.