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July 3, 2016


Sunday. What seems to have been a pretty good night's sleep, up without a problem at six, just under one fifty-one on the scale, get the papers together and drive to breakfast, remembering I'd forgotten the car keys sitting on the dresser as I was leaving the apartment.

During the week I pick up the house keys, a small pen knife and any pocket change that happens to sit on the top of the dresser, most days leaving the car keys as I'll be walking to breakfast. Except on Sundays and holidays when I drive. Most of my forgetfulness comes in doing these routine tasks, repeating them over and over puts you on autopilot. A holiday tomorrow. Will I forget two days running?

Off to a two hour breakfast while reading the papers, reading those stories that appeal, anyway, skipping those I've been following online and those of lesser or no interest. It would take all day to read the three papers through. Not sure I've ever done that.

Home now, anyway, sunny out there as it approaches ten. There are probably things going on, this Sunday in the middle of a three day weekend. Probably. For a photographer.

Later. Bright sun, but chilly enough walking in a light jacket, warm to being at the edge of too warm walking back from Noah's Bagels after a yogurt mix and coffee at one of their outside tables. Significantly fewer people than yesterday, even adjusting for the fact there was no one playing music at the pergola.

Felt good, though. That walk. The usual hesitancy in talking myself out the door, but then the air and the day (and maybe that second dose of pain meds) kicked in and it was over to the lake and then on to the new pastry shop on Grand to find the person behind the counter busy (how many times have I entered the place and then left without ordering?). On then to Lakeshore and the bagel shop. Again, not as many people about and so a table was available to sit and eat and enjoy a reasonably good mood.

Nothing on the plate for later and so we may end up watching television, as we did yesterday, except there's nothing I want to watch on television. I need to drive to the storage locker in Alameda to see what it would take to clean it out and stop paying the monthly rental, but I won't do that. Not today, anyway, though in mentioning it I suspect this much delayed task may soon actually happen.

Evening. I didn't get out again, but a pretty good afternoon and now into an even better evening. Went through this and that to discover I'd put a duplicate photograph up in the Dykes on Bikes section, another memory lapse. I think I'd call that a memory lapse. Lack of attention to detail. Whatever. The replacement photograph is marginal, I may try to find another, at least one with better balance and color. We'll see. Tomorrow.

Watched another Elementary I've seen before that started at six remembering I'd forgotten to watch the episode that had run yesterday. Went through the DVD movies I never watch, thinking maybe I could never watch another one this evening, and indeed that was the outcome. Feeling so much better doesn't seem to alter any of my recently formed phobias.

I did then get into an episode of Endeavor, the PBS series depicting Morse as a young man just starting his career, a series I usually find less than compelling. The Morse series itself, one I once watched with some interest, was crossed off my list years ago now as the character lost favor. That says more about me than the character itself although the reason doesn't seem to matter.

Anyway, watched this episode of the young Morse with interest as the writers seem to have allowed Morse to loosen up with the people around him (or the people around him to loosen up with Morse) and tell a tale of murder facilitated by the use of a man eating tiger let loose in the English countryside, a story line so odd ball and improbable as to break whatever negative thoughts I've developed over the Endeavor series.

Then again, maybe it was the fact that toward the end, I'd started switching between channels to follow the Elementary episode that had started at ten well before the Endeavor episode had ended. Complicated enough? My thought at the time.

You watched Elementary, an early repeat episode you've seen before, and stayed up an hour past your bedtime?

And in doing so broke one of the more important rules that (sometimes) governs my existence.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.