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Here In Oakland

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June 29, 2016


Wednesday. An uneven day, yesterday, not sure why other than they seem to come more often than not. Lights out before ten to awaken five minutes before six to listen to the short local KPFA news broadcast and then the first half of Democracy Now as I prepared to head out to breakfast. Overcast this morning, nippy in a light weight summer jacket over a long sleeved shirt, but awake and clear headed setting out to breakfast. So far, so good.

Seemed even colder walking home, noting the new pandorea flowers on the vine I've been photographing, a lone flower now appearing on the second vine that's been barren now for some time. Pretty exciting stuff. It seeming colder collided with a bus at the stop across from the theater and so I rode the rest of the way home. Not good to miss even the little exercise the walk would have provided ( he said), but better to get warm, the decision a no-brainer.

Drama before nine!

The day has started well, let's not mess with it.

Nothing on the schedule, but there are many web pages sitting in the queue (Latham Square is the one that's holding me back, don't want to deal them for some reason) and it's time I got started. Maybe at least go through the LGBT Pride pictures one last time to see how many I like that weren't included? Hard enough to find a good photograph, shame not to use them.

Later. A nice hot bath to then putter around doing nothing until the sun came out after noon. Still chilly, but set out in just a long sleeved shirt because I needed to get outside, warm, cold or whatever. Over to the lake to take one or two pictures to show I'd made the trip, if you can call it a trip.

Five minutes and I was thinking well, it is a little brisk out here, we'll return and find a way to get our head around the idea of saying inside, all of our we'll do this and that of the morning now put in stark contrast. Full circle. Hmm. Not hungry, we'd had a large breakfast, but at least the head is clear, tired but clear, and none of the other focusing problems or funkiness or whatever they should be called dragging at our ass. Which is good except for tired.

The sinuses?

They're letting me know they're still with us, but otherwise behaving.

Later still. An hour's nap, half of which was actual sleep. For whatever number of hours sleep I've been getting, it's evidently not enough, unless this is just the way it's going to be from here on out. We're obviously fighting this “here on out”.

Processed pictures, watched television (I find I can watch some of the Law and Order episodes that run on Wednesdays), listened to Democracy Now play in the background, didn't do much else.

Evening. Updated the calendar for upcoming events. Found I'd missed one I usually shoot in June. Not good. We'll look for more tomorrow as the July still looks bare. Seems odd for the middle of summer here in festival center. August looks better.

Skipped Death In Paradise, although I suspected it was one of the very few I haven't seen before, and watched the first twenty or so minutes of Charlie Rose where they discussed the Turkish airport attack. Something I've by now read more about it than necessary in the papers, but they took a direction that proved of interest. Turkey is not on my list of places to visit.

You don't have a list of places to visit.

Then to bed. At least my less than productive day (as in an interesting, amusing, doing stuff I like to get done day) was due to being tired more than any of the funky, sinuses on stun, impaired vision stuff.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.