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June 17, 2016

To Bed

Friday. Lights out again before ten to get what I'm guessing was a decent night's rest, up easily enough at six to get dressed and head out to breakfast, coming in at just over one-fifty on the scale this morning. Hmm. At least it seems to be holding, not varying much more than a pound or two and never below one-fifty even. Well, maybe once on an overly foggy headed morning I now only vaguely recall.

A picture on the walk home of the one remaining pandorea flower, looking a little ragged after breakfast, another photograph passing the parking lot they're repaving off Grand. Haven't parked there in some time, don't remember the surface being particularly old or worn, but there may be other reasons for doing an upgrade.

Still futzing with the cameras, the one working quite well, still not sure if the other might not have a focusing problem. More testing before we'll know. The usual picture of the flower by the Lakeview school, again playing with exposure. We're getting better, but more to go. Given my seeming comfort with less than prefect pictures, I don't expect they'll necessarily improve over where they are now. Feel pretty good at the moment, though. Maybe think of something out there to photograph later.

Later. Talk about a flat lined desire to go out with a camera on a Friday morning. I did finally coax myself into walking to the lake. Crossed to the lake instead of waiting in place for a bus (due in three minutes), walking on to the pergola to sit on a bench and watch the people pass. For a bit. Get up to get something to eat? Silly question.

Two or more similarly silly questions before returning home to lie down for an hour, some of which time I might actually have been asleep. Sitting now at the computer as it approaches three, having listened to and read enough news by noon to last a lifetime, the head at least clear, but again, the ambition nonexistent.


A sign, we're told. Otherwise clearer headed and feeling better. I guess. Do what? Plan a trip? Throw caution to the wind and drive over a bridge? Note the use of “plan” instead of “take”. Up the coast? In a car? In a boat?

Evening. A walk over to the 7-11 look-alike to pick up M&M's and Chipotle peanuts. Haven't had either in weeks, maybe months. The idea was more to get outside than get anything to eat, but right away discovered I was feeling funky again as I was walking, the vision flaky, flaky enough to feel vulnerable out there with the camera. Not good. Took another dose of the pain meds when I got back without much thought they would do any good, but - who knows? - might.

Now in the early evening, the vision thing no longer a problem, it almost always goes away when I get inside, the sinus/upper palate ache present, but not over the top. I've been watching Democracy Now and doing the usual Facebook stuff. So what to say? Another day, not much going on, although I threw caution to the wind when I had the chocolate in the M&M's. (Chocolate doesn't usually come back to bite you, not in the quantity they contained.)

A New Tricks I'd seen before at seven, nothing new in that, watched anyway. A Midsomer Murders at eight. I'm pretty lukewarm when it comes to the Murders, I suspect we'll just bail and go to bed.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.