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Here In Oakland

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June 18, 2016

The Life

Saturday. Editing yesterday's entry before posting this morning sent me into an internal discussion of what in the hell am I doing writing what seems to be a detailed list of how the head feels morning, noon and night, day in and day out? And I can't think of a single reason (that reflects well on one's mental health) why one should do this, other than it seems to keep my interest. Even the pictures, other than the pictures of events, are essentially daily duplicates, although there's a benefit in seeing how the photographs change as you make adjustments, how to improve them the next day. And then the next. Except I seem pretty lazy about that.

Sloth and failing mental facilities? Maybe. Some, anyway. Certainly sloth. But then again, I seem to putter right along until I have a flash of introspection and start thinking about this. Writing these is like my guitar playing? The same song, the same chords, over and over and over? Maybe. Still I'm content, except for now and again.

A decent night, by the way, awake again at six to walk to breakfast on what they're saying will be a really warm weekend, particularly south of here and in places like Arizona where it may reach a hundred and twenty degrees. Many climate change scientists have been restless lately, but the jump in temperatures they've seen these last three years have gotten them even more freaked. Not a good sign.

Anyway, breakfast and then a walk home, taking a picture or two, the same picture or two I took yesterday and the day before that.

Home to finish and post the journal to then walk to the ATM and the Lakeshore Wallgreens pharmacy to pick up a prescription refill I'd called in yesterday, setting out along the lake and finding the Capoeira group working out near the white column pergola. And so, of course, photographs.

The camera I've been worrying over has been focusing properly, although I'm now upset about the pictures I've been taking in bright contrast light. We'll test the Active D-Lighting settings to see if that won't help. I'm sure my internal discussions about sloth are driven to some degree by the fear I'm giving it the upper hand. Embarrassing to be taking a crap photo when a simple adjustment and a little thought before shooting would straighten them out. The exposure, anyway. Back lighting and the like. The technical stuff. Again, embarrassing flubs when you're otherwise using good equipment.

Later. A walk over to the lake again to take a picture or two with the Active D-Lighting adjustment. Nothing stellar, but some seemed better for the adjustment, we'll do more with it again tomorrow.

Clear headed so far this day, but also somewhat tired through the rest of the afternoon.

Evening. Nothing much on television, although I admit to watching Law and Order on channel sixty-two, one of the few channels I can receive through the rabbit ears. They call it the “Special Victims Unit”, which means sex crimes, underage crimes, rapes and the like, some of which put me too far off and I skip, but it along with one they run on Wednesdays incorporate the trial phase as well as the arrest and I find some of them of interest. Something to which I guess I'm willing to admit. Watching this stuff.

To bed early, another night with lights out by ten, nothing I'm willing to get my head around on the tablet. I've wondered a little about that. Do you get tired over time with Netflix and Amazon Prime? Maybe. At least it may be happening to me. For the week? The month? The rest of the life?

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.