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Here In Oakland

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June 16, 2016


Thursday. Awake at six. OK, get up slowly, check the living room. Yes, the computer is still running, the curtains are still open, but all seems well after last night, perhaps even my head. The mornings often start slowly, but build to the better by the time I'm out the door and walking to breakfast. Today seems to be following the pattern, feeling like walking once I'd inhaled the outside air, although this day is starting more slowly after the ocular shenanigans of last night.

You really are a slow learner with that ice cream.

We do seem more forgetful as the years pass. Was that to be my last pint of ice cream, consumed in one sitting? I'm not a gambler and so I won't bet either way. Flip a coin, throw a dart? At least no ice cream on the menu today, I'd say.

Later. A walk to the Lakeshore ATM, getting a call from my hair stylist was I was walking, asking if I could come in at two-thirty today instead of this Tuesday at eleven? Well, yes, I can do that, thinking maybe I'd go by the Broadway ATM later on the way to the appointment, but decided I was already out, why not go on to the Lakeshore ATM and chalk up an additional walk?

Feeling a bit off with some of the usual symptoms as I was heading over to and along the lake to the ATM. Well, “a bit”. More like crappy. On the way home I was thinking of stopping at Bagels and More, but saw all of their outside tables were taken, and so headed on passing by the ice cream shop (yesterday's adventure firmly in mind) and home to take a second hit of the pain meds. Figured what the hell, couldn't hurt, and they might do some good.

Caught the two o'clock bus just as the phone rang, my barber asking if I were running late for our two o'clock appointment, I saying I was on the bus and it was a two-thirty appointment. Hmm. She had said two-thirty, said it twice. I'm more than pretty sure, but who's been mentioning his ever more ragged memory? No, two-thirty. It was.

Arrived fifteen minutes late, but no big deal, she didn't have anyone scheduled at three and so the haircut, a walk then to Latham Square and a picture (didn't look as if there'd been any progress) before catching the bus home. Thought about stopping to get something to eat, I was hungry, but couldn't think of anything I was willing to eat available along the bus line. (Yes, I still find this strange.)

At least the trip to get the haircut was done with a much clearer head (the meds?) and the attitude, sitting now at the computer, is also doing fine. Nice day, ending much better than it began. Pretty exciting stuff around here for a Thursday.

Evening. The good afternoon has lasted right on into the evening. Watched the section of Democracy Now I'd missed this morning (I don't get the idea that Donald Trump is the best sort of fellow to be trusted in running the country, from what they're reporting), watched this and that on television, picked up the guitar somewhere in there getting in maybe fifteen minutes of practice, and now, unless this Inspector Lynley Mysteries episode works out, to bed.

I'd seen the Lynley episode and used it as an excuse to bail, turned on the Warriors game to find they'd been slaughtered. Ah, well. My day has gone much better than their's has today, if there's a parallel.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.