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June 26, 2014

Paying Attention

Thursday. I did watch the Italian detective episode last night at nine, actually a program based upon a real judge who was in real life assassinated fifty-nine days after the assassination of his predecessor in a fight with the Mafia, the program covering those fifty-nine days (and running until eleven). OK, somewhat better than the usual Italian fare, but just.

Up with the alarm without effort. I'd taken a pain pill at six in the evening and that seemed to have helped. The bandages finally started to peel off one of the incision points as I was getting into bed and so I was able to peel them all and examine the damage. Makes me wonder if they've had some sort of breakthrough in the making of bandages or whatever these were the surgeons were using, as I've never run across any lasting as long or as well as these in prior operations.

Anyway, two weeks after they were applied the still somewhat reddish scars look pretty good, not that I know what pretty good should look like two weeks later. I figure if looking at them doesn't make me wince we're good. A bath this morning with plenty of soap within the hour.

Or something like that.

Or something like that. Anyway, up and off to breakfast and back on an overcast morning. Most of yesterday was overcast with some sun in the afternoon and they were saying there was a twenty percent chance of showers last night (no showers here last night) and it would remain overcast today. Still, they said a high near seventy, so we'll not be complaining (until at least noon).

Later. Lots of sun out there, so much for overcast. A walk over along the construction site to see they were already taking the forms off the reinforced pillars they'd filled with cement yesterday. Obviously, from what they're doing, they have many more on the list to come, so it will be interesting to observe. Again though, once they get to a certain height, I'm not going to be able to document their progress nearly as well from the street below.

A slow day. After the construction site outing I took that promised long hot bath before doing the usual checking out of the Internet news sites I prefer and then lying down for something like an hour. Not sleep, but nice. Again, sunny, not overly warm weather out there, but no real thought as yet to go out and enjoy it.

Later still. More work on the early Dykes on Bikes photographs. Hmm. It's going to take quite a bit of time, putting in say an hour or so every day for weeks, but I seem to get into it once I get my head around the idea of not pushing too hard, of just going with the flow, take each image as it comes. So we'll see. We always usually do.

Evening. One or two things on television, so I suspect we'll not get to bed until eleven. Unless I flake on the two Danish International Mystery Unit One episodes that play one after the other starting at nine. And I've flaked before (for reasons I can't recall).

There are other stations and programs available if the few you like to bitch about don't cut the mustard. Cable, for example? You've heard of cable? The stuff real people watch when they're looking for an evening's diversion?

I was listening to an interview with John Oliver, whom I'd never heard of before, and learned he was very funny, he'd been a stand-in and writer for Jon Stewart and was now hosting his own Last Week Tonight, an HBO late show that started in April. Which means there are obviously more than a few others I don't know about that I could, if I actually searched them out, happily spend my evenings with.

So you'll stop bitching about your limiting yourself to rabbit ear reception?

One might think. In a rational universe where people think and then act as if they were paying attention.

The photo up top was taken at the 2013 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.