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June 27, 2014

To An Evening

Friday. I did watch the two Swedish police procedurals last night, enjoyed the both of them, although I found the second one with the ladies with whips and chains theme a bit unsettling. Still, no complaints, but to bed still wide awake after eleven. I did have a glass of diet Coke earlier in the evening. Caffeine? Took one of the pain pills for some lingering stomach discomfort. Does that stuff keep you awake?

Anyway, up without any effort with the alarm, having awakened at least three times during the night to get up and take a leak. Minimum liquids involved, so I suspect that wasn't the trigger. But again, up feeling just fine, clear headed, ambitious to head off to breakfast and back on an overcast morning. A real grey sky, but one they say will clear up later and we'll see temperatures in the seventies.

Again (we repeat and repeat - hup!): clear headed, feeling ambitious. At least energetic to the point of looking forward to doing whatever, if whatever presents itself clearly enough to recognize its existence. Go here? Go there? Maybe not, but scrubbing the bathtub comes to mind as an option. A whatever. A trip downtown, certainly, to replenish one of the supplements at the pharmacy and take pictures.

If I go on about this it's because I do feel a full step better. Maybe (this is the first day of the third week since the operation) because I've finally recovered? Takes two full weeks? Could be.

Later. A good hour or so nap, up pulling the world back into focus. Good. Seems to be in place. Off to pick up that refill at the pharmacy, passing by the construction site to take a couple of pictures before the bus arrived, the bus running late. Not unusual.

From the bus right to the pharmacy, back to the bus again to come right home, but getting off a stop early to properly look at the construction site to see what they're doing from the far (Bellevue Street) side. It's starting to look like a building parking garage.

I've been setting the camera white balance on Auto, does a decent job in sorting out fluorescent, daylight and tungsten light, usually not an issue other than when you're shooting inside in a mixed environment, but decided (after reading a comment) to set it on Sunlight for a few shots to compare the readings. You can adjust light temperature if it's off in Lightroom and, if it turns out to be in error, you can make adjustments. Turns out there was a difference. How long have I been doing this? How long has it taken me to learn?

The afternoon is really nice: clear sky, decent not overly warm temperature, grey morning skies far gone. I have no idea if I'll go out later, but I feel pretty much as I did this morning and the difference over these last several (days/weeks/months?) is significant. It is.

Later still. A walk in the late afternoon more to get outside than a trip to the 7-11 look-alike, standing in line to buy a box of Good & Plenty, the line moving too slowly and so replacing the candy and heading home. Worked out fine. Wasn't really hungry, the Good & Plenty a compromise, but got in what seems to have been a needed the walk outside.

A couple of pictures, nothing special, but realizing my kind of shooting probably doesn't lend itself to white balance settings other than Auto. I move in and out of shaded areas too often, although I need to test these settings more before I decide. We'll use Auto at the LGBT Pride Parade. Never make a setting you haven't tried before and tested on a client shoot. And yes, for parades, I'm the client.

Television looks OK this evening, still feel pretty good (knock on wood) and maybe this good stuff soliloquy will slosh right into the evening.

Evening. Still good. Some work on an apartment house construction site section for HereInOakland putting together the first and second months of construction. I have no idea if it will work or it will put people to sleep. But that's the way you learn.

New Tricks, an episode I've seen before (doesn't matter, I don't really remember it), followed by Midsomer Murders (hokey, but watchable) and then The Eagle, one I've both watched to the end and bailed out on early. So good. Friday night. Riotous end to an evening.

The photo up top was taken at Lake Merritt on this date last year with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 135mm f/2.0 DC Nikkor lens.