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June 25, 2014

To Encourage

Wednesday. To bed early, yes, awake and then up just before the alarm feeling better than I had yesterday morning, none of the stomach aches and pains from sleeping in ways I shouldn't have, this without having taken a pain med before bed. We track these things, we do, just, you know, to know.

An overcast morning, cool. Off to breakfast and back, cement trucks pouring cement into the overhead feeding tube at the construction site as I passed by. OK, a day ahead. Maybe work on the Dykes on Bikes section of artandlife as I suggested yesterday afternoon? Might. More likely to become a project if I do it two days running. Might become three. I never know, anymore, but I think this one may have legs from my reaction.

Later. A walk by the construction site to take snapshots before the bus arrived, the cement pump filling the upright support columns, although I couldn't, from that distance, be absolutely sure. The bus was due, so I didn't walk all the way to the other end to get a better perspective. On the way back, I said.

A bus to the ATM, a walk on then to the Rotunda building where I had a raspberry shortcake cookie and coffee, a walk by this on the way to the Broadway bus getting off a stop early to see what I could see again at the construction site. The cement truck and pumper were gone and the sidewalk was open.

Not sure at that point where they'd been pouring, but lots of activity, lots of preparation for whatever's next. Good. Back to the apartment to figure out what to do now. Still overcast, still cool, long sleeve shirt and light jacket weather. The stomach sore, not too sore, the nose has been teetering at the edge of dripping, nothing new there, unfortunately. I suspect evil plots and pollen. Not tired enough for a nap, although the idea, if not the reality, does appeal.

Later still. No nap in the cards and so more work getting the old photographs moved from DVD's to the mirrored drives and redoing some of the old Dykes on Bikes photographs. Goes slowly but it seems to keep me entertained. This year's parade is coming up Sunday and so I also prepared new headings and web pages. So far, so good. Two days doing this now and I'm still in the running.

Evening. Some guitar, some television, some more guitar and then, I suspect, to bed. An Italian police drama evidently based on real people and events starting at nine, but it's Italian and suspect. Another rut, if I can get to bed early again, but one to encourage.

The photo up top was taken at the 2013 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.