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June 24, 2014

Early Yes

Tuesday. A good night's sleep, although sleeping in various positions seems to have irritated whatever's left of the healing needed for the gall bladder operation. Aches and pains when I awoke a good fifteen minutes before the alarm, continued through breakfast and easing up only after I returned to the apartment. It did ease up anyway, so good.

Another sunny morning, another good (dry) day ahead. Life in the fast lane. We'll see if we can't start it off with breakfast, the papers and now a nap.

Later. And the “and now a nap” resulted in a good hour's sleep, up feeling better. The aching stomach didn't come back, no pills yet today, none yesterday, so I guess we're making progress. It's now approaching noon, maybe take a quick walk around the neighborhood by the construction site and over to the lake, come back and think about our guitar lesson looming at two-thirty. Busy, busy, but not so tired as we were.

Later still. A walk by the construction site noting the placards affixed to the parking meters beside the site along Grand: no parking tomorrow. Delivering cement? We'll see. Not much to photograph, progress putting up the forms for the cement, lots of clutter, but that was about it.

Nothing interesting across the street and so back to the apartment to attempt another nap. To lie down at least and bring the world back together. Just tired. Up to send an email to my guitar instructor to say I wouldn't be able to make the lesson, no urge to ferry a guitar downtown on the bus.

And so?

And so the attempt at a nap. No sleep, but taking one of the pain pills before lying down to then get up an hour later to take a look at the Dykes on Bikes section on artandlife, the Gay Pride parade coming up this Sunday. The Dykes section could obviously use some work.

A look then at some of the backups I'd burned to DVD's before moving to mirrored external drives to hold the old photographs, moving batch over to the external drives and upgrading some of the older photographs posted to the site. I've been saying I need to get going on projects that interest me. Upgrading my backup system and getting the older photographs on the web sites in order would be a good start.

We'll see. A little each day for the next couple of months and they'll all be in shape. Today seemed a start.

Evening. Nothing on, feeling better, to bed early. Yes.

The photo up top was taken at the 460 Grand construction site earlier this month with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.