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June 15, 2012

Know Soon Enough
Friday. To bed at a decent hour, up this morning an hour later than the alarm, to breakfast and back on another bright sunny day. Yes, indeed. There must be something going on out there somewhere today, but we'll check later, after we get in our morning nap. Mustn't rush. Certainly not. Harbour out resources for the coming weekend.

Later. I did lie down for a while before heading out, but in lying down I listened to the local Berkeley KPFA station where they were talking about a group called the IYC (Immigrant Youth Coalition) who had evidently occupied the local downtown Democratic headquarters last night and were holding out, demanding Obama make changes to current immigration policies. I'm assuming it has to do with the announcement Obama made today saying he wouldn't expel those under thirty with clean records who'd come illegally with their parents when they were young, but whatever the reasons for their invasion, I thought I'd go by with a camera and see what was up.

So a bus to the ATM, a walk then down Broadway cutting over to Telegraph where the Obama re-election offices are located, to find a small group of TV people pushing their cameras up against the headquarters’ windows to take pictures and interview the people inside over cell phones. OK. I'm just another photographer here to take pictures, act like I have a deadline to meet and do what's required, before heading on to the City Center for a strawberry crepe sitting out at a table. Of course.

As said, a nice day, sunny, people starting to fill the City Center for lunch, so on back down Telegraph to take one or two additional pictures at the Democratic headquarters heading toward home. A photograph passing by a mural on a plywood cover that's been erected to protect the interior of an empty store being refurbished for a new tenant on Grand. A strawberry shortcake nearby at Bakesale Betty's and then on to wait for a bus at Grand and Webster that never arrived, so a walk the rest of the way home.

I mentioned yesterday I'd taken a nap in the mid-afternoon and experienced some of the old ocular migraine symptoms and now (surprise!) I had the same experience awakening from a nap this afternoon. The same disorientation on awakening anyway, the world in a very weird and unpleasant place for a time as I came to consciousness. I'm wondering, after this episode, if something more than the tail end of an ocular migraine isn't going on. We'll see. Just a thought, but one I'll have to deal with if it continues.

But what the hell, the world has come back into some recognizable form, life goes on. An additional dose of the pain meds to see if that doesn't help. It's Friday, there's stuff happening to photograph out there tomorrow, time to get it together tonight.

Later still. Watched the six o'clock police procedural - Italian, but interesting enough - playing along during its ninety minutes on the guitar. We're sounding better on these three newly assigned riffs and the B seventh barre chord that requires you to stretch your pinky finger in strange and uncomfortable ways sounded, for the first time, just fine. It's taken a few days to build up a proper callous on that pinky, but the fingering has been consistently miserable, not to mention the sound, yet today I hit it first try right on the mark (pinky pad) and it rang. Just like that. Weird, but progress seems to be made this way, like throwing a switch in the fingers and in the head.

So let's see. Two demerits if I watch either one of those two Korean soaps later, but we'll know soon enough.

The photo up top was taken of Saturday's ecstatic dancers at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.