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June 16, 2012

Way to Breakfast
Saturday. To bed last night at a reasonable hour, awake just before the alarm was due to sound, up and out and back from breakfast on another sunny morning, the weather people projecting temperatures in the eighties, the pollution control people calling for a spare the air day today. So maybe good, we'll see soon enough.

We'll check to see if there's another ecstatic dance party scheduled later (I don't think there is, but if there is, I'll want to go and take photographs), otherwise there's a street fair this weekend in North Beach, something (if I can get my head together) I'd like to attend.

Later. I did lie down for a while getting maybe an hour's sleep after breakfast. Sleep in the sense the hour went by rapidly in a semi-conscious state, feeling better when I got up.

My thought was to check the white column area by the lake to see if anything was going on, the ecstatic dancing web site said they wouldn't be there, but nonetheless, a walk along the lake (Walmart was giving away promotional bottles of something and there were people sitting on mats facing the fountain, levitating themselves out over the lake), none of which were of particular interest, on then beyond the farmers market to have lunch at the morning café, levitating with a BLT, ice cream and diet Coke. I was in no mood for coffee, given the fate of nations and the outside temperature.

Walking back I passed by these signs up on the Lakeside school yard fence. I knew they were closing schools at the end of this school year and I think I'd heard Lakeview was one of them, but this indeed makes it real. I'll go by later at two and see what they're planning, head over to San Francisco tomorrow for the North Beach Festival when I can park easily by BART.

A bit of the mouth dryness (maybe I was watching too closely, overly sensitive after these last two days, inflating it into something that wasn't) that's augured an ocular migraine was in the works, I had had some slight double vision when I'd started out, but ice water with lunch seems to have nipped it in the bud. Feel even better as I write. We'll know later. At least, if should come when I'm out, I'll be out and about in my own backyard and getting home will be less a problem.

As it would in San Francisco?

It would be less wonderful. I suspect, if it keeps up, I'll learn soon for certain.

Later still. Still quite warm out there, but with a slight breeze, just enough to cool you down in a t-shirt and a broad brimmed white hat if you're not walking under a direct sun.

Heading over by the white columned pergola again and passing the farmers market now in the process of packing and leaving, to see people gathering in front of the entrance to the school. The signs said they were going to gather in an area up in back and I saw people walking up the entrance driveway in that direction, so maybe I'll return later to check it out. I noted tents set up behind the school fence, so their promising to make it a “camp out overnight” protest seems real.

The few pictures I took were enough, though (it was warm, cooling breeze or no), and I walked back again along the lake to find a couple of guys practicing on a rope strung between two trees. Odd to see. I'm not sure anyone was into tightrope walking when I was their age, not to the degree I see around here.

Back home then taking the odd shot along the way, the attitude pretty good, feeling good. Sitting here now beside the fan. No thought for another nap, be nice if I sail right through an afternoon without one, after these last two days, but we'll see. This Saturday, in June. A good so far Saturday in June.

Evening. I watched another Beck this evening, an earlier one I think I may have seen before. One of the few pluses in never remembering the “who” in “who done it”. Tonight it was the judge. The story lines seem stretched, as in toward the bizarre, but that's the way they've gone over here as well, but I do ultimately find the characters interesting and, almost always, maddening, or I wouldn't be running on.

They don't have as sweet a disposition as you? They not as P.I. as you'd like? You're feeling guilty as you watch?

Now, now. We've been dealing with that. It's just a matter of figuring it out.

A warm evening. I never did get over to the school to check what they're up to, but we'll take a look tomorrow morning as we pass by on the way to school breakfast.

The photo up top was taken at the ecstatic dancing confab on Lake Merritt last Saturday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.