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June 14, 2012

I Turned In
Thursday. To bed before ten taking another look at Devil's Tango and discovering the treatment was consistent, a kind of stream of consciousness day to day commentary on art, life and radiation with particular attention to Fukushima and events since. I was expecting something else. Such is life and literature, both will survive. It's not a bad book, just not what I was after.

Anyway, up with the alarm on another sunny warm morning, off to breakfast and back to go over yesterday's entry before posting, still comfortably cruising along in my well worn rut. But content, I'd say, for an old coot in an old rut.

The guitar lesson at noon, so we'll do a quick go-through to limber up the fingers and get in a morning walk. A busy and complicated day, I'd say, for just one day during a week.

Later. A brief walk, essentially over to the lake and back, noting the carpet of geese and wondering if these were, say, year old goslings not quite gaining the feathers and coloration of full grown geese waddling along in the picture with the mother or father. (Mother Goose? Father Goose? Am I serious?) How long do goslings hang with their parents? Is there any difference for geese such as these who no longer migrate with the seasons, who've set up permanent residence on the lake, no more to roam?

A brief stint on the guitar, more a tune up than a practice session, off to the lesson and back. The fellow who has the lesson before mine didn't show, something about a bike accident, so I got in somewhat early and had an opportunity to screw things up a little sooner than I otherwise might. Well, not that bad, the riff went well enough, the barre chord changes could have been better, but we'll go over them more in the week to come.

A drive down the hill to park by the morning restaurant to have an egg salad sandwich, ice cream and a cup of coffee out on the patio, a drive then back home. I thought of going by the supermarket, but I still have most of the things I need and probably don't need more sake for a while. Last night's sake went well, whatever effects it had essentially gone an hour before heading to bed. Nice to do now and again, but now and again isn't the day after. Not yet.

A nap now, I think, in the mid-afternoon. I could have used one this morning, although I only lay down for about fifteen minutes before heading to the lesson. Wearisome, so many things to juggle in a day.

Later still. A nap that developed into some of the ocular migraine symptoms - the odd tasting dry mouth, a slightly hallucinogenic tinge to the surroundings, feeling like crap - but it passed with time and I spent some time going through a stack of old Avalon Ballroom and Winterland postcards I've had since I first came to San Francisco, thinking I'd scan a couple and post them to Facebook. I guess I haven't quite yet shaken these ocular migraines, but they are coming along less often and, when they do, with less intensity.

I do want to get in more guitar, charges me up for the rest of the week to get in some after lesson Thursday practice. (So get going, OK? Hup?)

Evening. Some guitar: good. Watched chapters from two different Korean soaps: maybe not so good to admit, but I did. It's now close to ten and time I turned in.

The photo up top was taken of Saturday's ecstatic dancers at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.