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June 19, 2011

Take Care Of That

Sunday. Up, out, about, breakfast and back, the day starting well. I crapped out on staying up last night for my weekend starts at ten Korean soap thinking sleep was needed. Which is a long way to say I was tired. I slept straight through, none of this awakening in the night to turn over and drift off again business.

Nothing I know of out there to photograph today. I'll check my meager sources on the web, see if anything's up, but I suspect nothing much is scheduled on a Father's Day. Maybe a trip to Jack London Square, I haven't been there in a while. A Sunday, a good day to drive, not so many people about.

Not so good for someone who likes to photograph people.

One or two will do.

Later. Maybe I need to fix this damned main computer today and not wait on the computer store tomorrow. I can get it back to where it was and add the two large hard drives later after I pick up the needed power connectors, as writing on this laptop has its limits.

Hard enough to use this external keyboard, hard enough to keep my brain straight, let alone adding the distraction of fuzzy letters on the small screen and the lack of a table lamp. So we'll see. I'm going to learn more about Windows 7 than I wanted but that's not unusual for someone who doesn't seem to plan ahead much, here in the vast coal pits of Oakland sitting across from the City That Sits Under The Stars.

I did get out for a short walk over by the lake around nine. I was curious to see if any of the goslings were in evidence. I'd read a piece in the local paper about the loss of a cygnet (baby swan) in San Francisco and the writer mentioned about one in three birds of all species mange to survive to adulthood.

I did find a group of larger goslings, these starting to get some of their coloration. I didn't shoot a picture thinking my angle of view was too ordinary, but maybe I wasn't thinking. Take one just for those feathers. Could they have been the group of similarly sized goslings I'd photographed earlier? Probably not unless these changes take place overnight.

Oh, and I found more Black-crowned Night Herons. We seem to have a thing for Night Herons. Once you've taken a few pictures of one or another standing here or standing there it's hard to think how to come up with something different. A shot from the top? We can try, we can try.

Later still. Jumpy for whatever reason, maybe the lack of progress in moving between these guitar chords with any semblance of rhythm. This was easily solved by heading out the door again for another walk at two this afternoon and heading for the morning café for what has become my usual late afternoon combination lunch and dinner. A table was available out on the patio, although the café was full. Ah yes, Father's Day, I'd forgotten.

A photograph or two as I was walking to the café along the lake, surprised by the two geese who chose to take flight that moment. I wish I'd been able to trip the shutter maybe a half second later, but such is life.

So, again, feeling pretty good. Jumpy earlier this afternoon thinking this and that, a walk in the sun seems to have cleared it right up. Time for the usual hups! (I know, I know.) Let's see how the day spins out. I was thinking, with all the pictures I have up on the walls, framed and unframed, I don't have portraits of my parents. That needs to be corrected.

Realizing this is Father's Day set that off. We grew apart geographically after high school but otherwise our relationship was pretty good. Thirty years now since he passed away at an age ten years younger than I am today. I have framed pictures up all over this place, but no portraits of my parents. I'm going to take care of that.

The photograph was taken yesterday at Splash Pad Park with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.