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June 20, 2011

It Could Happen

Monday. I compromised on going out for sushi (and sake) last night with a run to a grocery store for sake, cheese and crackers. Soul food for my particular branch of the neurotic set. And I watched that Korean soap I'd skipped the night before. So I'm a flake. Sue me. Life is short.

No overlying clouds this morning, sun out there full tilt now at just after nine. I'm heading for the computer store in a bit to pick up those two connectors I talked about and I'll put that main computer back together. Looking at the dates on my journal it's been out of the water now for eleven days. What a wuss! I'm lucky they make shoes without laces or I'd never get it together to get up in the mornings. Socks and slippers. It would play havoc with my walks. Yes. It would.

Later. Got to the computer store a little early as it opens at ten instead of nine which was fine, a walk farther down to have an iced tea at the usual place before walking back and buying the needed cable. Back to the apartment, the temperature rising - this day is going to be hot! hot! hot!- to install the cable and boot the computer. OK, all seems well. We're copying files, doing the things we were planning to do, it should be up and running later this afternoon. How much time has this taken me again?

We're doing our chords. We have not forgotten practice. Moving between chords. A necessary skill. I can see why no small number of people crap out in the first year of learning the guitar as it's hard, but I figure the momentum I've developed practicing now for my year will see me through. It goes slowly, but it does go. Gives me an appreciation for those who navigate a fret board as if it were an extension of their arm, though. This fret board of mine is still a block of wood grown in a forest unknown.

Not unlike your head.

Not unlike my head, here in the heart of the hit factory called Oakland.

Later still. Time on computer, time on guitar. No complaints. I'm getting better at moving between chords, learning ways to make it particular transitions happen. It does go slowly, but it goes. The computer? Well this is being written on the now functioning main computer so good, but it's been interesting. I'm (again) learning more about Windows 7 than I really wanted to know, but if it leads to easing my day to day, well, we'll say OK (and not complain). Much.

As I mentioned, a sunny (overly warm for this old fart) day, evening having arrived. Maybe some reading in bed later. An odd thought, but it could happen. It could. No, it could.

Susan M. Kaanta, April 10, 1945 - June 20, 2010.

The photograph was taken of a store window on Telegraph with a Nikon D2xs mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.