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June 18, 2011

Out Of It

Saturday. I managed to talk myself out of sushi last night and got to bed early. An evening of awakening and then dropping back to sleep, but still, not a bad night's rest. Up this morning as usual to go to breakfast and back, the early morning overcast, a sunny weekend ahead. No trips to L.A. today or the weekend of the Fourth, as the kids are going to be attending a wedding in Seattle, but I was expecting something like that.

Later. A decent walk down the way to the morning café thinking I was hungry, and maybe getting something instead at the farmer's market if it called out to me as I was passing. All the patio tables at my café were taken, nothing had derailed me at the market, so a walk back to the apartment stopping to sit at a bench by the white columns on the lake when the East Bay AIDS walk came by (my, my).

I'd seen, when I got home from breakfast, there was an East Bay AIDS Walk scheduled to start at eight-thirty this morning, at least the time listed was eight-thirty down at the lake bandstand, but evidently they'd started the walk itself much later at ten. So I took some pictures. Nothing much, one or two half way decent, I still need more practice (and patience) in photographing crowds. But nice, nothing came of lunch, but an opportunity to take photographs.

Home then to pick up the guitar and practice those chord changes, another walk then after noon to the morning café again finding an open table this time, ordering (for the first time in months) a mushroom burger. Ate most of it, had some of the fries, walked back home to take a nap. Tired. Still, tired, but the head clear, the eyes OK, the attitude good. No complaints.

Later still. It must indeed be a better day. I took another look at the main computer (it's been sitting unattended now for over a week) and managed to get it to boot. Need a cable from the computer store to finish it out, but it's obviously going to happen albeit on Monday. So I feel better. The idea I couldn't fix one of these things would have been embarrassing. A little sake to celebrate, I think, unless I'm able to talk myself out of it.

The photograph was taken yesterday at Splash Pad Park with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.