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Here In Oakland

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July 29, 2017


Saturday. Lights out at ten again to then (again) have a very uneven night's sleep, counting the hours that passed by oh so slowly. Not sure why. Still, awakened before six to take my time to get up and set out walking to breakfast, feeling pretty good. I decided, after all the uncertainty, bitching and moaning about the sinus-upper palate, fuzzy headedness and everything else I should again start taking the full dose of pain meds when I got up and augment it with a second dose in the early afternoon if needed. So this morning I did.


And I feel pretty good. I do. Of course I too often say I'm feeling pretty good on any given morning and the morning turns into a crappy afternoon, but this morning has started well and we'll leave it at that. And see soon enough what the afternoon has to say about it.

A mushroom and cheese omelet, country potatoes, fruit cup, toast and coffee breakfast over all three papers, the sky overcast. A walk home by the line of rental bikes, wondering if they will have the same overnight problems individual bike owners have when they leave their bikes locked to one of the nearby stands. A bit ghoulish maybe, this question, but I do wonder when I get out on the sidewalks and pass these thing by. Maybe their design and unique shape (including the tires?) will make their parts unprofitable to steal?

The Berkeley Kite Festival today and I'm thinking (feeling pretty good) of checking again on how to get there without driving, checking their web site for instructions. Also want to go by the farmers market later and pick up apples (an apple a day?) after having eaten a number of them at my sister's on the trip to the family party and thinking continuing it here would be a good idea. I'll do the apples, won't bet on the kite festival.

Later. No thought or effort to go to the kite festival and so over to the farmers market, taking the usual route by the lake to find the Ginga Mundo people practicing their moves and then on by the playing field by the Highway 580 overpass to find a new exercise group of some kind in the middle of a routine where one side throws small water balloons at another. Would have been nice to have gotten a clearer picture.

On then to the farmers market to find apples. No apples. Everything else, peaches particularly, but no apples and so we'll pick some up tomorrow after breakfast at the supermarket. Maybe next week there will be apples. Maybe not and we're just sitting here babbling again. I'd bet on the latter.

A waffle square with whipped cream from the waffle vendor and then a walk back to the apartment, passing the flowers they planted next to the lake to check for bees. Found one bee. Not good, just one bee.

Still reasonably clear headed, the sinus-upper palate not as aggressive as it has been, eight hours now since I've taken the morning meds and I could, if I wanted to, take another dose of the pain meds. We'll pass and see how it behaves.

Evening. Sunday night. I did check out something on PBS called Coroner at eight, giving up after about fifteen minutes. Hard to understand the accents, again, but also for lack of interest. I suspect I would have watched it with some interest when I was younger.

Feel pretty good, though. Time with the tablet and then to bed well before ten. A good day, although I did run out of steam and stopped writing, this short section being written tomorrow morning. Something that's become the norm, I'm afraid.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.