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Here In Oakland

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July 28, 2017


Friday. Lights out before ten to then get up again during the night more times than I'd have liked, but awake at five-thirty to delay getting up and out the door enough to leave at six-thirty, all three papers in tow. Felt pretty good. I did. Much better than I did yesterday, none of the bleary eyed, more like shuffling than walking, stuff.

A two strips of bacon, eggs over medium, country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee breakfast over the papers to then walk home, still feeling pretty good, to pass by the line of rental bikes that are evidently now available as of today (according to their sign), a person passing me on one of them five minutes later as I was walking. My, my. There are three of these bike rental spots now in place along Grand that I'm aware of, may be more of them farther along.

Something you'll try?

Walking and the bus for me. Riding a bike while toting a camera in traffic doesn't appeal. Not at this fuzzy stage of my existence.

I did suggest, in yesterday's blurry entry, that today should be a good test of how things may go now that whatever effects from the trip and the root canal and whatever else I've been doing have worn off. And I do feel good. I've been skipping the pain meds these last several days, although I took some yesterday afternoon. Let's see if this “feeling better” business lends itself to clearer writing about something other than fuzzy heads and upset sinuses.

Later. A lie down on the bed for over an hour that seems to have gone by quickly, even if it didn't result in sleep. OK. A nap. Up to watch Law & Order on television for a couple of hours and then head out over to the lake, the sky clear, the temperature warm in a long sleeved shirt and light summer jacket.

Getting outside clears the head a bit was the thinking. Not much going on at the lake. I spotted two cormorants diving for whatever in the distance, but neither took flight for a photograph. A sparrow landed in a bush at the side of the lake for a couple of usable photographs, its movements almost too quick to catch.

Back now to listen to the news. I'd been thinking, when I set out, of taking a dose of the pain meds as I did yesterday, but put it off and now wonder if it would have made any difference, as the sinuses seem to have settled a bit, just as they did yesterday after taking the meds. How many times have I asked this question? Even with the fading memory I know it's too many to count.

Later still. Screw it, I'm running in circles. A dose of the pain meds, whether they work or not, they at least giving some psychological relief. More Law & Order episodes I've seen before after watching the news. I did follow the vote last night until I turned the lights out at ten, one in the morning Washington time, but went to sleep before I learned they'd failed in passing their skinny health care disaster.

Evening. OK. Feel better. The meds? I guess. There is a difference.

More television, starting with Democracy Now and the local PBS news, skipping Doc Martin (I watched it years ago, but now it drives me up the wall), looked at Jack Taylor and settled on Charlie Rose. Too wedded to what's happening on the other coast.

The photo up top was taken while walking to breakfast this morning with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.