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July 31, 2016

In Early

Sunday. Again, seemed to take longer to get to sleep last night than I'd have liked, but lights out well before ten to awaken finally at six-thirty. A little late, but at least the Times showed up with the other two papers and so a drive to breakfast followed by a drive to the supermarket afterward to pick up one or two (really) necessary items. Seems to be what it takes to get me to the supermarket: really necessary items.

Home to note the various typos and such in yesterday's entry. Left it pretty much unfinished last night and so it needed more work than usual this morning, but it was finally done and posted. A bit of an ocular thing interrupted the process, but it was one that lasted for less than five minutes. Laid down on the bed, the little sparkly thing assembling itself in the left eye when closed, but it rapidly faded and then, five minutes later, all was well. Reasonably well. A first, of sorts. Why does it happen now, back in Oakland but not in Portland? Because I wasn't in Portland long enough to spark one or because the cause to these things lies hidden somewhere here in my apartment?

Nothing to photograph. I keep telling myself the San Francisco Marathon running today starts too early to get there in time to catch it, if taking BART, but the marathon is more than just its too early in the morning start. Still big crowds, still people setting out by the time I'd be able to get there, but I've been rationalizing not going now for something like a decade. Since the first one I photographed. Lazy.

Later. There was an Okinawan Dancers and Drummers + Karate Demonstration in San Francisco's Union Square at two this afternoon I'd been thinking of photographing. Union Square. Lots of people about, lots of construction in the area, albeit not so hard to get to. Ah, well. Screw it.

Thought about photographing the now officially opened Latham Square and headed out down to the bus stop, but was delayed when I ran into Ms. E and she mentioned she had indeed received the package I'd been looking for that had arrived on Wednesday. That's good. Means we've still not had any packages stolen from in front of the building, something not every building around here can say.

Missed the bus and so a brief walk instead to the lake to sit for a bit in the sun and then return thinking I'd catch the next bus, saw it wasn't due for eleven minutes and so blew it off. We'll do it tomorrow. A good excuse to have lunch at the City Center, not that one is needed.

Evening. I'd stumbled upon the episode of Elementary that played this evening at six yesterday afternoon on another station and watched it then. What the hell, I'd had enough time this afternoon on the tablet and working on old journal entries (that I may post one day) and so I watched the episode over again before turning in early.

The photo up top was taken of a store window along Lakeshore yesterday morning with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.