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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


July 30, 2016


Saturday. I had what I've been thinking was an uneven night's sleep, but awakened at six to get up and prepare to set out for breakfast, the Times not in evidence again. Overcast, but a decent walk to breakfast, the restaurant people commenting on my absence: “everyone's been asking about you!” Nice for them to say they noticed.

Did the usual “gas prices had changed” set of photographs and took the usual pandorea picture as I left. Not a lot of imagination here, but a comfortable return to familiar habits and places. There's not much going on this weekend and so I suspect we'll make do with a walk.

Later. Shoe inserts for high arches. Who woulda thought? All those ads you see, yet none of them got through the noggin until my sister mentioned the family had high arches and shoe inserts solved her own problem with aching feet. At least that's been my experience for these last several days. Less sure about support socks. I didn't wear them this morning (three days in the same socks are two days too many, we'll order more this afternoon), but the feet felt and feel just fine having returned from the Lakeshore ATM and the pharmacy.

Heading out along the lake I'd run into four pelicans feeding along the shore and took (what for me) was a large number of pictures. More of a single pelican taking off farther down the shore by the while column pergola to join them. Kismet. Luck. It does happen.

Anyway, it's noon, the sun is shining, the sky is clear and we're into t-shirt temperatures. Into the seventies, in other words, nowhere near the hundred degree temperatures we experienced sealed inside an air conditioned car farther east of here driving down from Portland.

Later still. Work on more of the Lake Oswego photographs, more work on the missed journal entries from the period and that's been about it for the afternoon. Not a bad day at all.

Evening. Watched television, played a little on the neglected guitar, worked on more of the travel pictures and, checking the laptop email, discovered Amazon had delivered a package on Wednesday late in the afternoon. The apartment manager had received the Amazon package that came on Thursday, but wasn't aware of a package arriving on Wednesday and so we'll see if Ms. E may have intercepted it for me. But tomorrow. We'll check on it tomorrow morning.

The photo up top was taken while crossing Grand after breakfast this morning with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.