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Here In Oakland

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July 29, 2016

The While

Friday. Awake at six to get up and pack, taking time to be sure I wasn't leaving anything behind. Did that once on a trip with a jacket. The motel people were nice, but something of a hassle getting it back. Put the bags and one camera in the car, dropped off the key at the desk and then had breakfast at around seven before heading off on Highway 5 to Oakland.

No really bad traffic, some (of course) when I got to the Bay Area, but that's to be expected. Still, arrived at noon, not a bad time for Friday (or, I suspect, any other day's) traffic. The pillow again saved the back from any discomfort, the head clear, the attitude pretty good, even if the body was tired. Home, though, after a long drive.

And so what had happened while I was away? The building manager said they stopped delivering the Times yesterday and now today. I'd gotten an email before setting out saying they were changing delivery companies this week, but that's about it from what little I can see.

Later. Downloaded pictures, processed some of them, worked on earlier entries so that they now use pictures from the trip, started on a couple of entries I'd not written or posted during the trip interspersed with listening to the news and lying down on the bed for brief stretches. Again, felt good, but tired. No complaints.

Evening. Watched New Tricks, one I'd seen before but barely remembered, took a look at the George Gently episode I may or may not have seen before that followed at eight, checked out Charlie Rose, listening to some of it. (Commentary on the Democratic Convention, what else?).

And to bed. Cool enough to use a blanket, really nice after this last week of living and traveling inland from the coast. The temperatures on the way home along Highway 5 in Oregon and California had been in the low hundreds. I sometimes bitch (a little) about the temperatures here, I'm sure I'll ease off on doing that for the while.

The photo up top was taken Tuesday along the Columbia River with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 105mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.