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August 1, 2016

Tablet Again

Monday. Bed again by ten to awaken at six and listen to Democracy Now as I got ready to head out to breakfast feeling, well, pretty good. Not fighting it, at least. No real aches or pains, the feet feeling fine compliments of the arch supports in the shoes? In any case they're staying as long as the feet keep quiet. Believe me. Nice.

A walk to breakfast, passing a chair someone had discarded at a street corner. Looked to be in decent shape and it was indeed gone by the time I returned. Not so with this one on Grand near the restaurant or this mattress, for that matter, that's been sitting there in place now for a number of days. Since I left for Portland? Before? Does it matter? No. Just something you note in passing.

Home now as the overcast is fading and the sun is poking through at ten in the morning. I have a package due from Amazon - shampoo, arch supports and support socks - so we'll put off photographing Latham Square until they arrive or, if they don't arrive by noon, we'll gamble they'll arrive much later in the afternoon, as they have in the past, and head downtown to shoot those pictures. Exciting stuff to start off a month, I'd say. (But not in public.)

Later. A bus to Latham Square to discover they were still working on what looked to be the electrical hookups of the street lamps and had two of the traffic lanes blocked. Still, all the fences are now down and it's easy to see how it will look when it's (finally) finished. Took the usual set of pictures including a couple from above and decided on taking the bus back home instead of getting something for lunch. Still the same old hungry, but can't decide on what to eat situation.

Home to process the Latham pictures and not much else. A bit tired, but unable to sleep, so we'll maybe think about working on the journal entries I'd skipped on the way to Portland. Can't think why, but it seems something I'm going to do, with or without a reason. Rationality is overly hyped in some situations, perhaps journal keeping is one of them.

Oh, and the package from Amazon came late in the afternoon only to discover I'd ordered two replacement containers of hair conditioner instead one container each of both conditioner and shampoo. Two containers of conditioner may last another year. Or two. Another memory/attention glitch. They can indeed prove dangerous when you're sitting at a computer.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now, bailed to the bedroom to watch this and that on the tablet, came back to see whom Charlie Rose may be interviewing, watched the first of three interviews with some interest - the Clinton emails released by Russia is more complicated in its motivations than I'd understood - and then went back to bed and turned on the tablet. Again.

The photo up top was taken today at Latham Square with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.