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July 6, 2015

Renewed Interest

Monday. Awake by six, remembering to take the blood pressure when some sense of consciousness took effect, ninety-nine over sixty-two; low, but not so low as to slow us down too much on our walk to breakfast. A bus home and the reading was one-oh-four over ninety-nine, which is marginally better, but not by much. Now to see if taking the blood pressure med in the evenings and letting it kick in when it's at its strongest while I'm asleep rather than in the mornings when the idea is to be awake will work. It worked the last time I switched it months back, but these numbers leave me wondering.

An ongoing obsession, this blood pressure business.

Better blood pressure than some of the other things you hear people have to deal with. We are not complaining (other than here, of course).

Overcast, the temperature is nice, I'm assuming sun later when we go downtown to take the usual set of pictures. Who knows? Maybe we'll become inventive, take a picture that stirs us on to greater effort, what with the higher blood pressure and all this talk about it.

Later. Sun, warm, but still not too warm and so a bus to the ATM on Broadway and then a walk along the Latham Square construction area, my first look making me wonder if anyone was on site working, my second look confirming there were. And so pictures on the way to the City Center where I had a tuna fish sandwich on a bagel, a cinnamon roll and coffee to learn my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Don't like to throw away food - recalling admonitions of starving children in China come to mind - even though I no longer eat much, but a brief pang as half the sandwich went into the trash. Silly.

A bus then to the apartment house construction site during the noon hour which meant no one would be working on the building, what workers there were standing or sitting and eating out away from the sun. Still, pictures. We do take our pictures, people in them or not, before returning home and thinking, well, maybe best now to put our feet up.

Remembered at the last minute I'd forgotten the Protime blood thinner test was due today and so ran the number and called it in. I'm getting pretty good at running through the test sequence and haven't made a mistake in months.

Whoop-dee-do for you.

Well, we take our successes as we can. The number was fine, has been now for a while, one of the few meds that seem to be working as it should.

The blood pressure is still on the edge of too low, ninety-nine over fifty-nine, so I guess we'll skip taking it this evening and put it off until, well, next evening? Weird. Maybe go off it altogether and track to see how high it may go without the meds. Be nice if it topped out at normal. He said without hope he was talking sense.

You're out of steam.

Probably before I started.

Later still. I discover I mistakenly scheduled the same credit card payment twice when I checked the account earlier this afternoon on the web. A first for that. This fortunately is easily remedied, but the fact I scheduled it twice without noticing the error is a little disturbing. More of this to come, one would imagine, although I'll make changes to the account balances just in case I manage to do it again.

Otherwise a nice slow afternoon, some time spent watching the end of a movie on the tablet. A bad movie, poorly written and the rest, but I did (over this last week) watch it to the very end. Ah, well. I have others in the works with similarly dumb acting and story lines. We hold no prejudices: they can be defective in any and every which way and I'll still watch to the end.

You watch all the crappy ones you start?

No, no. There's a big discard pile of those I started and then never opened again. We are dumb, but not yet dumber. Dumber will come with time.

Evening. To bed early. I've watched enough commentary on the Greek financial crisis for one day, week and month. We'll pick it up again tomorrow with renewed interest.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.