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July 5, 2015

The Week

Sunday. To bed again at a decent hour. I think. Maybe a little later than I'm remembering. It was the night of the 4th and there were fireworks exploding now and again in the distance. Anyway, awake close to six-thirty to get up and remember to take the blood pressure reading: one hundred over seventy. OK, we skip the blood pressure med this morning, watch it during the day, see if we end up taking it this evening and then in the evenings rather than the mornings from here on out.

A drive to breakfast and back, not a lot of people about. Yesterday's entry was rambling and in much need of edit, some of which it got, a lot of which it didn't. We can blame it on yesterday's low blood pressure if we must. There's always something to blame it on if we must.

It looks like another sunny day ahead; the attitude, at least, seems to be good and, with the blood pressure up, who knows? We might do something more interesting than we did yesterday on the 4th.

Later. A quick walk over and back from the lake. People walking, people sitting by the pergola, but otherwise a sunny day approaching noon with a light turnout. I did pass by this, a confirmation that some of the louder detonations last night were coming from the lake.

Some geese and then, looking back, I noticed this guy sitting on his (or her) log, a number of geese nearby washing and pruning their feathers. Not sure I've seen a turtle/tortoise by the lake before, although I wouldn't bet on it, given my flaky memory.

Not hungry, back home, the blood pressure one ten over close to eighty now, high enough to not be tired because the pressure is low. Not hungry, no desire to go downtown on a Sunday noon hour with nothing open anywhere I might go. The ongoing issue. A bit jumpy sitting here, but no place out there saying come by for a visit and the jumpiness will diminish. Sounds like a problem for someone in his teens.

Nice to see the Greek vote go with the current government's position, sixty percent voting “no”, particularly when all the polls said it was a dead tie right up until they opened the polls. Hard to assemble, let alone track or understand the finer points of these issues in Europe, but the reality is Europe and the Troika have, in their collective wisdom, been attempting to encourage the overthrow a member state government all the while looking to get blood from a stone.

I watch all this with interest, an old Economics major, and hope a really bad situation doesn't get any worse than it is. And that Mr. P and his lady are more than surviving over on their Greek island.

Later still. Wow. Not tired at all. Clear headed. Blood pressure one-eleven over seventy-five at three o'clock in the afternoon. Good.

A walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, a walk back to the apartment, the temperature not overly warm, the sun out and not a picture in the can when I got back. And so has been the rest of the afternoon. Nothing on television, one or two things I was able to watch on the tablet (some of these things I'll watch for five, ten minutes before switching to something else I'd watched for five or ten minutes a day or a week ago before bailing on them). I have no idea if this is bad or good.

Evening. Recent evenings have been short. This one isn't going to be any longer, although I've checked the blood pressure (one-fifteen over seventy-two) and it's back up to what I understand is close to normal. I'm tempted to not take the med before bed and see how it reads in the morning. No chance I can get away without taking the stuff at some point, but I need to know. I suspect these readings and mumblings are going to extend well into the week.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.