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July 7, 2015

To Manage

Tuesday. Lights out by ten, awakening fifteen minutes before the alarm to then get up with some sense of balance and walk to breakfast, feeling pretty good. Overcast and such, but a nice day for all that. Back to take the blood pressure, having forgotten before setting out. Ninety-seven over sixty-nine (I might be off a couple of points on the bottom or on the top, the memory a little hazy given that I've now an hour to forget), very similar to yesterday's reading, so we'll go with that, keep taking the med in the evenings at six and track progress.

Nothing much on the schedule, so we'll take the day as it as it comes. The attitude is good. We'll be happy with that. I mean, why not?

You read the obits.

Skimmed the ages of the names I recognized and left it at that.

Later. A call at eleven from my barber asking if I were on the way to our appointment. Oh. It's written in big letters on the calendar located above the kitchen sink, but I somehow managed to forget the appointment. She suggested one-thirty later this afternoon and I said yes. Oh, dear. Just didn't notice.

Set out early for downtown, thinking I'd take the Latham Square pictures and then have something to eat to while away the time before the appointment, but left way too early and ended up sitting and waiting in the City Center for the appointment to arrive, feeling a little light headed. The odd visual thing. Where did that come from?

Had the haircut, no problem, managed to hurry over to the bus stop a minute before the bus arrived. Still the odd visual and scattered feelings, so didn't get off to take the apartment construction site pictures (we can skip a day I decided without debate) and got off at my apartment stop, arrived home and lay down on the bed, a very large visual sparkly thing having appeared when I closed my eyes just as I was coming in through the door.

And it was an ocular migraine, probably the largest I've experienced, one that lasted for well over an hour where they're usually over in about thirty minutes. This one was sobering as I never was really clear on what was happening, how confusing the world was behaving without flashing to the fact I was in the middle of one of these things and the solution wasn't to soldier on at the computer, but to lie down and let it pass.

Coherent again by four, clear enough then to check to see if I'd screwed up the computer (I hadn't) and fix the television remotes I'd managed to trash and sit down to watch the Democracy Now reporting on the Greek financial crisis/Eurozone political crisis I'd listened to with great interest earlier on the radio as I was awkening.

Evening. To bed early. The blood pressure is one-nineteen over sixty-nine, which is close to normal. I was wondering if blood pressure had anything to do with the ocular migraine when it was coming on earlier, but couldn't see how it might. Too many sparkly things, blood pressure readings and blood thinner sessions to manage. He said.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.