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July 16, 2014

Not As Much

Wednesday. To bed last night before ten, but not getting to sleep until after eleven as I felt wide awake and wasn't willing to work at it. Sleep, that is. Work at it.

Up with the alarm and off to breakfast on an overcast morning, a haircut appointment scheduled at ten. I should have rescheduled when I realized it was so close to my return from Portland. Worked out alright, but better I'd put it off. Safer. More flexibility. More sense.

Went through some of the recent entries and corrected three reasonably gross errors in pictures, their dimensions and captions. We were a bit spacey on the trip, more so than I realized. I'll blame it on the laptop (again), much too limiting, after being accustomed to the home computer. The laptop should take some of the blame, but more so on me if I were being honest. Laptops can't complain when you lay on the blame. Come the robot revolution that worm may turn.

You seem more than a little spacey right now.

Later. The haircut appointment was scheduled for eleven and I, of course, showed up at ten. They've been at ten in the past and I assumed ten this morning, but it says eleven quite clearly on the kitchen calendar. Time marches on, the brain falters.

Still, I had errands to run (another prescription refill) and the stylist happened to show up early, so it all worked out. Still, I didn't check the calendar before leaving. These slips are becoming more common.

A couple of pictures of the apartment house construction site as I was leaving for the bus stop and a few more when I returned, getting off the bus a stop early to take pictures from the far end of the project. My, my. They have made progress.

Looking at some of the recommendations I found on the web for low blood sugar: avoid sugars, white flour, caffeine and alcohol. You need to “monitor” your blood sugar levels and carry glucose tablets in case of an attack, wear a bracelet to let people know why you're lying on the ground unconscious. Six meals a day rather than three, check your blood glucose level before driving (maybe I was taking a greater chance than I realized when I drove home, although I was popping what turned out to be mostly correct foods all the way).

So we'll look forward to meeting with the doctor Monday morning, wish I'd rescheduled the haircut appointment (the doctor happened to have an opening at the exact same time this morning), but then if wishes were fishes, life would be a leisurely swim.

Fishes? Swim? Please, dear god, there may be children present.

Evening. I continued watching one of the Netflix movies I'd started a week or two ago, probably more like two weeks ago as the Seattle trip took a full week, and realized I had no clue what had happened in the first half of the movie. Some of it, yes, but most of it, the critical what was the woman lead character up to: no. I often say I don't remember who done it in these detective stories, but a movie I was more than an hour into within this last month and I have not a clue? I guess so.

To bed early. Yes. Some guitar, some more Netflix, some reading in bed as I've had three magazines arrive in the last two days. We do read, just not as much.

The photo up top was taken at the family party on Saturday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.