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July 15, 2014

For Once

Tuesday. To bed and to sleep not all that long after nine last night, awakening just before seven feeling reasonably human. I figure for that early in the morning that's good.

Pack the bags, load the car, grab a cup of coffee in the motel office and off down Highway 5 at seven thirty, arriving home before one. A shorter journey by a good seventy miles taking Highway 5, you're able to make better time, even with the number of times I like to pull over to stretch the legs at the rest stops. I find I like the rest stops.

And so. Feel good. A walk over by the apartment house construction site to see how they've been doing and, indeed, they have been doing. More cement poured, more walls finished, a second story starting to take form.

On then to the morning restaurant for breakfast and the papers. I've missed breakfast and the papers, the ladies welcoming me when I arrived. “You weren't due back until tomorrow!”. Good that I made it at all, I chose not to reply.

And so, good to be back, the temperature fine. They were projecting a temperature of one hundred and seven degrees later up in the Lake Shasta - Dunsmuir area, happy not to have to put up with anything near it here. We are in a drought. We are.

Later. Worked on the family party photographs, I really didn't take many and most of them are, um, less than wonderful. But such is the life. Nice to work on them with this computer rather than the laptop, though. The software has advanced enough, gotten large enough and the rest, that it's barely functional on the old Vista operating system laptop. Expensive, this equipment, and it's obsolete before you blink.

Evening. Some television until nine and then to bed. Up at six. Hup! Ran the Protime blood test and called in the results - looks good, we'll survive - made the appointment with the family doctor, we'll see him on Monday. A good afternoon, a good evening. Hup!

You may knock this hup crap off any time you like.

About now, I'd think. Let the day finish on a high note for once.

The photo up top was taken at the family party on Saturday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.