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July 17, 2014

Needs Posting

Thursday. And so to bed, some trouble getting to sleep, but to sleep not long after ten, up I'd say something like four or five times to take a pee, have no idea why after what have been a number of decent nights not waking up too many times. Still, up with the alarm to head off to breakfast without effort on an overcast morning. Life goes on, no complaints, my kitchen calendar saying nothing on the horizon until J-Pop this weekend.

The Chronicle this morning had a piece on J-Pop, how it started five years ago, how it's the first J-Pop festival to be held in the United States that brings in Japanese fashion stars and pop bands, how it struggled the first couple of years but thereafter has achieved success. A great venue for taking my kind of candid portraits. Both days are booked for me, deedle-dee-dee.

Later. A walk by the construction site to take the usual set of pictures from the four locations that I have access to from the side. No thought to cross Grand and check out any activity of interest at the lake, so back to my apartment to take a nap and then sit at the computer to prepare some initial pages for the upcoming J-Pop festival. Oh, and to eat (now that it's two in the afternoon) the third meal of the day.

I did some research on blood sugar testing devices. They don't seem expensive and so I've been considering buying one today or tomorrow as I don't see the doctor until Monday. I have no idea what he'll suggest, whether or not you need a prescription to buy one of these devices or if I'm susceptible to another “episode” before we have the chance to meet. So I'm taking this thing seriously whether or not my assumptions here make any sense.

Good boy. You certainly deserve a pat on your little head.

Evening. Two episodes of Unit One starting at nine and running until eleven on the tablet in bed. So I'll sue myself over staying up again for another late night before getting to sleep, although eleven seems to be common enough anymore to start calling bedtime. Some of the time. Unit One is just odd enough to attract my interest. The various American CSI clones leave me cold, maybe it's just the difference of a Danish reality of some kind I find of interest. Who knows? Who cares? It's now Friday morning as I write and this thing needs posting.

The photo up top was taken walking along Broadway yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.