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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


July 2, 2014

Big City

Wednesday. To bed early enough, although I seem to remember the clock ticking and me not sleeping for much too long. Still, awake and up with the alarm to head off to breakfast on an overcast morning feeling pretty good, the long weekend approaching. Not that all the weekends aren't long anymore, what with the lack of commitments. No complaints, just saying.

Have no idea what the morning, let alone the day may bring. I keep talking about doing “something different”. We'll repeat all this again (and again) and put off any thoughts or effort to do something about it. I'd bet.

Later. For what the weather people have been forecasting would be an overcast day with some chance of drizzle, the sun certainly did pop out early enough this morning in a clear sky with its own agenda. As it's done daily now for this past year or so.

What else, a walk over to take whatever pictures I might find at the construction site, one of the managers saying hello in passing: nice camera, his daughter was studying photography/journalism at university in Georgia, take as many pictures as you like, go ahead and enter the site for a better angle. OK. I hope he's the guy in charge, it would make life easier.

A walk then to the lake, haven't included it in the walk in a while, to find but one large group of geese doing their usual vacuum cleaner routine along the lawn. People walking and running, yes, but not many and none that caused me to raise the camera. A single picture and then back to the apartment. So what now, brown cow?

A bus to the City Center after an internal debate to sit out at a table with a cup of coffee and a donut. A small donut, we'll eat something marginally more nutritious later. A band was setting up for the noon Wednesday concert, but I'd been sitting there for too long and so walked on over through the plaza in front of City Hall and on up Broadway to catch the bus at Grand. I figured if the bus stopped to let someone on at the stop before my stop I'd get off the bus and take more construction site pictures. It stopped, I got off. Still no inspiration after that one lucky photograph this morning.

Home then to take a nap. To lie down for half an hour and let the world fuzz over, no real sleep, but otherwise nice. Spaghetti with clam sauce then for lunch. So far no deviation this day from established patterns. Ruts. Nice day, though. Sunny without being too warm.

Evening. To bed early again. A dry mouth, a very, very dry mouth that came on as I was watching some (almost too horrible, but not quite) horrible enough thing on Netflix. A dry mouth to the point, with some other funky symptoms, I needed to lie down and let whatever it was pass. What's that about? Always something different, here in the almost big city.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.