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Here In Oakland

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July 1, 2014


Tuesday. To bed early enough, but slow getting up thirty minutes after the alarm had sounded and so I had to feed the meter for a half hour or so when I arrived for breakfast. I suspect the shoot on Sunday did more to slow me down than I know, not so much in a tired due to exertion sense, but in a recovering from an operation don't push it sense. We learn. Slowly and then over and over and over.

Anyway, home to start the laundry and get yesterday's entry in order before starting on the Pride photographs again to get them done and posted. Mumble, mumble. Nice day out there, probably going to be warmer than I'd like, but otherwise a good start to a new month. Must be July from all the fireworks and explosions last night, but that's nothing new. When I was younger.... Well, when I was younger I had a certain notorious attraction for black power. Just ask my (old) neighbors.

They were never really upset.

When we lived in Edmonds north of Seattle all the neighbors lived at a distance and were busy with their own detonations celebrations. In Yonkers they, like good suburbanites, were situated closer together and one or two may have noticed something going on at our house when July 4th was approaching. They were illegal in New York, but easily available to all of any age who would but choose to find them.

And so you ticked off your New York neighbors on the 4th.


Later. More work on photographs right up to the one-thirty bus when I left for my guitar lesson. How many weeks have I missed now since the operation? Three? I do believe. Anyway, a good lesson, a bus back having walked along the sidewalk in front of the apartment house construction site to take photographs when I was setting out. Just snapshots, no particular energy invested in them, but something to document the day's progress.

You can't really tell anything from those pictures.

It's been a long day, let's just say we're lucky to have them.

A decent day. Lunch at Genji's, as has become my habit on the way to the lesson, more work on the photographs and web pages when I got back to finally finish and post them at five. Again, we'll stew over them for however long to see what I (really) think.

I keep saying I need to make changes, not so much with the photographing of the parades and such, there aren't that many of those in any given year, but to try something more with portraits. I keep saying this, but they say time can move even mountains.

Evening. I am feeling a bit blitzed, sore back muscles (what's that about, I haven't been doing anything, lifting anything other than ferrying a guitar downtown?) and so with nothing on television this evening I think I'll get to bed early. Of course I'm writing this at seven, still a couple of hours before bed, we'll see if I'm hallucinating.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.