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June 30, 2014

About The Rest

Monday. I bailed on both the detective programs I'd started watching at nine last night and went to bed. Tired.

Up a bit slowly with the alarm to head off to breakfast on a clear, what they're saying is going to be an overly warm day up in the high seventies, the followup appointment with the surgeon later this morning after ten. Good to get it out of the way. Pictures to process, still lots left, although I'm a bit glum with how they've turned out. Luck probably has a lot more to do with catching the expressions I'm after than not, something we don't like to think about.

Still, home by eight to get yesterday's entry in order, we'll head out for the surgeon's appointment pretty quick and then we'll get on with closing out the month. Half the calendar year gone, the trip up to Seattle coming up in another two weeks. Where did these last six months go? Ho, ho? We sound like a broken record.


An ancient music playback medium that I understand is showing flickers of renewed interest. Pay no attention. We've come to understand the confusion produced by all this progress.

Now, now.

Later. A drive over for the appointment with the surgeon. He looked me over, asked a few questions and decided all was well. It does take between four and six weeks to fully recover from one of these things (at my age) he said, but I seemed ahead of the curve. Not that I'm not still being affected - a little slow here, aches and pains there - but that's the usual course.

And so back home. Tired for someone who's ahead of the curve. Decided to lie down after briefly working on more of the Dykes pictures for an hour, feeling some aches and pains in the usual places when I got up. So much for my “quicker” recovery, at least for today. Well, an overly warm day, maybe I could have used more sleep. We'll let it this play itself out and say no more.

A pictures after parking the car to see how they were going over at the construction site. My heart wasn't really in it - humid and warm out there as mentioned - but enough pictures to call it day. It's now approaching two in the afternoon. Maybe look at, if not pick up the guitar. Sisyphus would understand my mood at the moment if he were still around.

Later still. When checking to see if the mail had come (it had) I realized there was a sea breeze out there and the air had cooled down. Open the balcony door wide, open the bedroom windows wide and let in the cool air. My, my. I wouldn't want to live in Sacramento.

I did take a pain pill before lying down a second time as there was a fair amount of discomfort in the operation area. Nothing over the top, but I still have some of the hospital pain pills left and the aching was keeping me out of Photoshop. So the cool air and the lack of aches has now kindled renewed interest in the day. Hey.

Evening. Nothing on television. Spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening finishing up the Pride photographs, now to create the web pages and the little thumbnail image links on the section pages. Four sections, over ninety photographs. One or two I like, most are OK, not sure how I feel about the rest.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the San Francisco with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.