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July 3, 2014

A Decent Hour

Thursday. To bed early last night to arise with the alarm on the day before the long weekend, a weekend where you'd think there would be opportunities for pictures. I may have to do something about that, take more ambitious pictures, if only to remember what is was that got me into this picture taking frame in the first place.

And what did get you into “this picture taking frame”?

Let's not be too literal here, it's early and I've started the day babbling. What got me into it? When I was fourteen? When I started again at thirty? Sixteen years ago when I was working at APL? I have no idea. I started, it seemed right. Similarly with the guitar. Why would someone who no longer listened to music very much anymore decide to learn to play the guitar? Even if the music had been important when he was younger? No idea. Not sure it matters as long as it's real and you get up every morning and do it.

You do bitch about the guitar.

I bitch a bit about everything. Pay no attention. Certainly I don't.

Later. My usual short walk over by the construction site taking pictures, heading up to the opposite side to get a clearer idea of what was what, a walk then over to the lake. Not many geese, a group under the shade of a tree by the white columns, a single picture to show I'd been there sitting on a bench in the sun before returning to the apartment.

That odd tasting dry mouth again as I was returning, not as bad as it had been yesterday in the late afternoon, but making me wonder if I'd eaten something to bring it on last night and this morning. The larger breakfast earlier? The pork chop (I have one instead of the two that comes with the meal) with eggs over medium, country potatoes, mixed fruit and coffee? Probably not, but then I really have no idea. Dry mouth. What's with a dry mouth?

Anyway, a bus in the early afternoon downtown after a bath, convincing myself finally to go for coffee out at a table in the City Center. Which I did, taking but a single picture. A walk then to the local Sears store that's been running a going out of business sale. Why had it taken me so long to do this? I've been wanting to buy socks and jockey shorts for a while, checking the various online sources I've bought from in the past. The web sites, of course, change the socks and such they sell so you're never quite sure what you'll be getting so you buy one to check it out before you buy more.

No jockey shorts I could find, but Sears had what looked (and now feel) to be good quality socks for less than half what I've been paying online, this before they applied the going out of business discount. I bought sixteen pair. No need to look for socks for a while.

Better to buy that kind of stuff in a store.

Boy, howdy.

Anyway a decent walk, although I was feeling slightly, not paranoid, but the funky sinus-upper palate thing was putting me into another bubble. You get just a bit off, not a small part of it an out of balance chemistry (is now my suspicion) and I find myself looking around with a touch of apprehension. This has been happening now and again for some time. Blame it on age? I wonder. Keeps me out of the car and off the road more often as not, even for short drives to the market.

Well, spaghetti's cooking and I realize I've forgotten to check the time when it started. Hmm. Falling apart, one piece at a time.

Later still. The spaghetti turned out fine, the internal clock evidently able to tick off the six minutes that spaghetti requires. Some Netflix, some guitar before more guitar. We didn't play a lick yesterday for reasons of dry mouth and sloth, so we'll make up for it today.

Evening. More guitar. An International Mystery series at nine which I will undoubtedly watch since tomorrow is a holiday and my morning restaurant opens at seven instead of six. The channel has announced they're discontinuing the series and most of their other programming the middle of the month to go over to a PBS format of some kind, so I'm not going to have anything to bitch about after staying up to watch late after the 14th. Which means I may start getting to bed at a decent hour.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.