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July 31, 2012

Exciting Stuff
Tuesday. OK, we're in Dunsmuir this evening, somewhat over half the way back to Oakland. Up this morning and out the door in Portland at eight arriving in Dunsmuir before three. A long drive, but no problems, feel good about finishing it out tomorrow.

Not much in the way of pictures. Another deer, this time a fawn grazing alone at a rest stop, not particularly afraid of the people nearby watching. Another photograph of Mt. Shasta, hard not to take a picture of Mt. Shasta as you're passing.

I'm staying at a motel I've stayed at in the past here in Dunsmuir. I like the town, have since I once passed through decades ago in the seventies during night, eating at a restaurant packed with long haired people my age who obviously lived in the town. Felt nice, welcoming.

A few years a go I looked at what they had in the way of real estate prices, but decided living out in the forest near Mt. Shasta was probably not a particularly sensible move. Such is life.

I spent some time cleaning up more pictures to post on Facebook of the family party, walked down the way to buy a large bottle of Corona and an ice cream cone at a local market, something I've done before.

A quick walk looping through the town (the very small town) to see what I could see and then back to the motel room to finish yesterday's entry before starting this one. Pretty exciting stuff for the middle of a week, don't you think?

The photo up top was taken of my sister at the family party Sunday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor DC lens.