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August 1, 2012

Crash and Burn
Wednesday. Up and out the Dunsmuir motel door at eight this morning, a straight nice clear headed drive to Oakland, arriving before one in the afternoon. Unpack the car and then walk over to the morning café for breakfast at two. Are we back in the groove? I guess we are, for good or for ill.

Felt good getting out of that car, felt good getting into the apartment, felt good walking. I thought I'd canceled the Times and the Chronicle to start back up again tomorrow morning, but they'd arrived this morning so I had my two main newspapers to read. Good. I'm sitting here now moving files between the laptop and the main computer using a thumb drive, figuring out where I'd put this and that and just getting the stuff back together. Now to see if my attitude is any better.

Evening. A walk down the hill to have sushi and sake at the usual place (the only place, actually, if you're talking about the bottom of my hill). A flask of sake and some different entrées than I've had in the past. Nothing too radical, you understand, but different. I'm now ready for the rest of the evening. Maybe tune the guitar, if not attempt any practice (we'll write this off as a vacation and start in earnest tomorrow, my lesson isn't due to come up for another week), finish moving the various files to the home computer, catching up on the photographs taken over this last week.

Enough time on this computer, though. Time to crash and burn.

The photo up top was taken of cousin Jon's Thor was taken at the ferry landing Sunday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor DC lens.