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July 30, 2012

Rather Than Three
Monday. I'm slow in getting these written and posted (obviously), but we're going to catch up today (I'm writing this tomorrow. Time on the web, you understand, being malleable.).

To bed at cousin Bruce and Mary condominium at midnight, a little late for your's truly, but we're at the family party here and are more than flexible, up at eight feeling good. Actually, feeling really good, I've been feeling better on the road than I've been feeling at home for some reason.

Which you will twist into some kind of message about all the ailments you've been bitching about.

Oh, probably, but not today, we're on the road and time is valuable.

My sister had a follow up appointment with her surgeon at the clinic in Seattle (I mentioned, rather cryptically, that she was having surgery last month, but didn't mention it was one of the “eliminate a wrinkle or two” kind. Doesn't look like fun and takes a fair amount of time to recover.) which seems to have gone well. Off then on Highway 5 to head for Portland, arriving three hours later in my sister's car, she again driving.

Back at the house to say hello to Ozzie (the faithful family dog) and for my sister to arrange dinner with my nephew and girl friend at a restaurant we've been to in the past in Lake Oswego. A good dinner, although I wasn't all that hungry. A Bloody Mary with it for encouragement, one must do one's best to be good company.

To bed early, if I'm able, once I've gone through and posted some of the party pictures to Facebook, and then back to Oakland Tuesday morning. Down Highway 5 this time, the shorter faster route, do it in two days rather than three.

The photo up top was taken of my sister at the family party Sunday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor DC lens.