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July 25, 2012

I Think
Wednesday. To bed before ten, up this morning with the alarm on an overcast morning, to breakfast and back by eight, a long drive ahead. With things to do before I leave. Still, I won't be gone that long, the daily driving isn't all that much and I usually bitch and moan right up to the point of doing whatever it is I'm bitching and moaning about and then I get on without another thought. Cranky but still docile? Docile but still cranky? I have no idea.

Which is obvious.

Which is obvious.

Later. I spent a couple of hours packing and checking over what I needed to bring. Camera gear, yes, pack the cameras, pack the suitcase (the easiest task), the various meds, the laptop, the guitar, the small Pignose amp. It took time and I interrupted it with a short lie down on the bed to see if I could clear the head, but basically couldn't.

Talk about dragging your feet.

Yes I am. You didn't notice?

Anyway, on the road by half past eleven, up Highway 101, the driving going along fine. My “get out the door and all will be well” kicked in, so we're in Garberville this evening about - from the map - a third of the way to Portland as planned. Enough driving for one day, just over four hours, some two hundred and ten miles.

Cranking up the laptop when I arrived, however, I find that Photoshop will not display my photographs. There's a warning that pops (and now doesn't pop), something about my display adapter not being on the compatible list suggesting turning the video caching off, but I can find anything about video caching in the BIOS setup.

Well, we'll find a way around it. The few photographs I took here in Garberville, one or two to document my stay, were taken with the new camera. We'll try one of the earlier models and see if they have the same problem. They should, I don't see why they wouldn't, but we'll see. I was pretty sure I'd tested it when I loaded the Photoshop upgrade a month ago. Maybe not. You're supposed to test before you go out.

You're just an amateur who's out of your depth.

I'm an amateur who knows better. Who knew better. I think.

The photo up top was taken heading out of the apartment building with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor DC lens.