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July 24, 2012

Need To Push
Tuesday. Another evening getting to bed at a decent hour, but taking my time getting to sleep. Not sure how long it took, but I remember hearing sounds of excitement in the bedroom above mine and looking over at the clock at midnight. Ah, well. It seems to be the norm - we sleep, we don't sleep - but who really knows how well it goes anymore?

To breakfast and back, the sky overcast, the laundry going into the wash. If we're heading out tomorrow for Portland we're going to need clean clothes, we are. I'll know when the worm has really turned when I no longer pay attention to the laundry. Clean clothes. Underwear. Next they'll be recommending more frequent baths.

I have my guitar lesson today at noon, the laundry will be done by then and I will need to go over to get my Protime test (blood drawn) at the hospital lab before I head out. I'd been thinking of having something to drink last night, but then remembered the test (should have had it done on Friday) and alcohol will throw it off. Avocados and other green leafy vegetables have the same effect. I know, I too was surprised when I read the list. Avocados?

Meanwhile I need to finish yesterday's photographs and get them posted. Three full sections, I think, some sixty plus pictures. One or two are good, the rest tolerable, some of the color is crap, but we've come to live with that. Not every photograph I take is going to turn out. Gosh. Who'd a thought?

Time to stop.

Time to stop.

Later. Off to the guitar lesson and back, the lesson I thought going reasonably well. We'll see him again in two weeks as he's taking off on a vacation of his own as well. Yes, I'm going to take the guitar with me and practice up and back from Portland as I've done before. Such dedication, such b.s..

The laundry is folded and done, the day is now quite nice. Since I was hungry late this morning I stopped by the morning café on the way home from the guitar lesson and had a hamburger (no cheese, no onions), green tea ice cream and a lemonade, the hamburger a good indication I was indeed hungry and wanting food or, in this case, food-like products.

Home now thinking of heading out to the hospital for that test. Why hadn't I just kept driving on the way home from lunch and taken care of it then? Well, because I didn't, that's why. So I didn't. No need to ask, we're now well into our erascible stage, no need to fret. We'll take a bus and then another bus in another hour. Maybe. Then again, maybe tomorrow.

Evening. Headed over to the hospital, walking and by bus, so we've had our exercise for the day. Good. A pat on the kid's head. They called later to tell me the blood was too thin, best to skip a dose and then have the test again in another week. OK, not sure why it's been going up or down lately. Avoid alcohol before the test - I did, believe me I did - but otherwise the diet has been in line.

Much work to get the Obama Fox theater photographs posted to ArtAndLife, I'll finish out HereInOakland later. The conversion is quite easy and doesn't take much time, but I'm tired at the moment, no need to push.

The photo up top was taken heading out of the apartment building with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor DC lens.