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January 22, 2017

Of Course

Sunday. A good night's sleep, I'd say. Yes, up a couple of times and such, but basically to sleep early and awake after six, getting up and getting ready to head out for breakfast, except the Chronicle and Times hadn't arrived. Slows you down, it does. It's usually the East Bay Times that's late, but not this morning.

Fine. A drive to breakfast when I decided not to wait any longer. It had been raining fairly hard last night, but it wasn't raining on the way to or back from breakfast. The missing papers had been delivered by the time I returned.

We'll work on more images from yesterday. They're now saying the Oakland Women's March was one hundred thousand strong. Could be. Not sure how they do their counting, but there were a whole lot of people on the streets throughout the entire area.

It's now after ten, the sun is shining through an open patch and I have no idea what kind of day may lie ahead.

Later. Tired. Not really sure why. A walk over by the lake to the ATM on Lakeshore, thinking it best not to waste the no rain at the moment weather this morning, two scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone on the way home to then lie down and see if I couldn't take a nap. Tried, I did, but no sleep was to be found.

The only thing on television is the Packers-Falcons game and it doesn't really interest me all that much so back to yesterday's photographs with the game running in the background. Enough for a section, but as with the day before, just barely enough. For all those thousands of people yesterday (they're saying sixty thousand now instead of one hundred), I obviously didn't take advantage of the fact.


I guess.

Later still. Raining now. Worked on the photographs, pretty much finishing them but for one or two, I'll put together the web pages tomorrow. Tired from too many photographs.

Otherwise watched another Elementary I've seen before. Remembered much of it, although had no idea exactly who'd done the evil deed until the very end. The football game turned out well for the Falcons, from what I heard of the game playing in the living room. Green Bay can't be all that happy. And I seem to be feeling better. Because it's evening? I have no idea, but no complaints.

Evening. Stumbled into an old black and white Sherlock Holmes episode on PBS made in 1954 that might have made sense to a not too clever six year old, interesting for the fact it was a Holmes episode made during an earlier period in an earlier culture and I found myself wondering how any of the current Holmes will one day be watched in sixty years. With the same derision I watched this one? What would have been my reaction if I'd first seen it when it was broadcast when I was twelve?

You would have been every bit as horrified and have said the very same things, clever youngster as you were back then.

Of course.

The photo up top was taken yesterday morning at the Oakland City Hall waiting on the Women's March to arrive with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.