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Here In Oakland

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January 21, 2017

Says Me

Saturday. An uneven night's sleep seemingly awake half the damned night. Still, awakening at just after six to get up, check the weather (it had rained last night, but it wasn't raining this morning when I looked), get the papers together and then drive to breakfast. We'll get in our walking later at the Women's March (unless it rains).

Some slight aches and pains in the side getting to sleep, but certainly better than it's been. Felt a little queasy heading out (hungry?), but that seems to have passed. Just the edge of queasy, but close enough to make you wonder. Maybe last night's lack of sleep?

Uneven looking cloud cover, but I suspect there's a good chance it won't rain later for the March. The usual “do I want to go, do I want to stay?” routine, but again I suspect I will go unless it's really coming down. We'll bring the full camera rig this time, none of this compromising and then not quite getting the pictures I want. Hup!

You that worried you won't go adding these hups! and such (that never seem to work)?

Just bad habits. We'll know soon enough.

Later. I realized the downtown bus would be diverted from its usual route by the Women's March and so decided at the last minute to set out at nine-thirty, meeting the bus just as it arrived. It was completely packed with riders heading to the March and I was the last person it pulled over to pick up.

We took an odd elongated alternate route, but it and I arrived at Frank Ogawa Square by ten, the March itself due to start at ten-thirty over on the other side of the lake and projected to arrive by noon. Plenty of time to shoot a couple of pictures of the crew setting up the stage in front of City Hall and get something to eat at the City Center bagel shop. Still had some of that queasy feeling I mentioned earlier and was hoping it wouldn't get any worse.

The local East Bay Times was saying the Oakland march consisted of sixty thousand people and extending some forty blocks in length and now they're saying later is was over eighty thousand, so I obviously left way too early and saw only a small portion of the people who eventually showed up. Which is fine. I was tired, I was feeling ever more queasy and so headed down Broadway toward Jack London Square and managed to run into a bus that ended up getting on the highway and letting me off by the Grand Lake farmers market.

Evening. Tired, nothing on television and so to bed. After last night I'm due for a good night's sleep.

Says who?

Says me.

The photo up top was taken yesterday morning at the Trump demonstration in Frank Ogawa Plaza with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.