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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


January 20, 2017

After Dark

Friday. To bed and to sleep in good order last night to awaken before six to turn on the radio and listen to Democracy Now! broadcast from the capitol while getting ready to drive to breakfast. The Inauguration. People seem concerned. I too feel concerned, but not until after breakfast.

Raining last night, some light rain driving to and from breakfast, home to edit yesterday's entry. I'm more often scared about the typos and lack of coherence I find in my writing than I am about most anything else, this new president of ours included.

Later. Overcast and dark, but not raining, and so just grabbed two cameras, carrying one in the backpack, and headed out the door to catch the bus and see what was happening downtown at Frank Ogawa Plaza thinking, although it was early, just after ten, I could get something to eat for lunch while people arrived.

And people had been arriving, threat of rain or not, with quite a few television trucks and enough security to handle a much larger crowd. Had it been sunny or, if I'd arrived later, the crowd would have been larger, but still, there were still opportunities for pictures.

Took pictures on a walk through the area and then had a salad with a piece of chicken at the City Center before returning to continue shooting. Split finally and caught a bus home at noon, passing by small groups of people who were carrying signs to the Square. Ended up spending close to two hours and did get enough photographs for a web section (if I'm not too picky). Be interesting to see how the weather behaves tomorrow. Sun will turn out more than a few, me included.

Later still. Processed pictures. Not an award winning lot, but enough again to put together a section for HereInOakland and artandlife and post them while listening to the angst being expressed by people being interviewed at the inauguration on Democracy Now. Interesting day, the aching side and such better. They still ache, but less now, and exercise seems to do it, if not good, then no harm. I'm thinking good and looking forward to attempting more tomorrow.

Evening. Odd. I realized, in getting up out of the chair and walking to the bathroom after writing the above, that I hadn't felt any twinges or aches. Knock on wood? Maybe chance a smile? Might not be totally healed, but we're obviously getting there. Cross fingers.

An Inspector Gently episode I've seen before at seven that I didn't really need to see again, but I did. It's a good series, the Gently character works well enough for my tastes, but his young air head sergeant's behavior seem to drive me up the wall. My problem, of course, the series so easily pushing my buttons.

Checking Twitter they're showing activity downtown and the police are chasing people about from the look of the stream of videos that are being posted. No desire to be with them, with or without a camera. We are well past the point where we want to be out shooting pictures after dark. Crowd or no crowd.

The photo up top was taken Monday at the Reclaim MLK March while it passed below my apartment on Grand with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.