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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


January 19, 2017


Thursday. Lights out early enough to sleep reasonably enough (I'm guessing) to awaken at six-thirty (a bit late) to get up and drive to breakfast. It had been raining last night and looked like more rain this morning, but no way I was going to walk, more for the aching left side (rib, hip and leg) than any rain. No creating excuses required.

Quite a bit of rain at one point while eating, a real downpour, but no rain and some signs of sun driving home, getting home and deciding to lie down for a time before editing (actually finishing) and posting yesterday's entry, listening to the last half of Democracy Now! discuss and comment on Trump's department head picks before starting here. Back to bed to contemplate tomorrow's inauguration and try for more sleep. Hide, in other words.

Later. Alright, better. A nap of sorts and then a walk to the burger drive-in for one of their turkey burgers, as I was hungry after a light breakfast. It went down without second thoughts, so good. The left side of the body still sore, but better. It's taking its time healing (insert “we're getting old” blather here), but I'm guessing all will be, if not well, then bearable by the weekend and, if it's not raining (they say it will), I'll get out the door and at a minimum photograph the local Women's March in downtown Oakland.

Later still. Felt better after watching a Robert Scheer YouTube discussion with his truthdig editorial staff on Facebook, Scheer a veteran from the Vietnam days when he was the editor of Ramparts. He's been through the political wars and interviewed/written about these people for fifty years. He says he's as freaked as anyone about this coming Trump administration, but a freaked modulated by his long experience and cautioned that all was not (necessarily) glum. International relations made him somewhat hopeful. Cheered me up somewhat.

And so, cheered, checked NextBus and saw a downtown bus was due in five minutes, just enough time to pull on the coat, grab a camera and get to the stop. Except, once I was out the door, it started to rain. Not hard enough to stop, but hard enough to think about stopping until I got to the bottom of my hill and the bus arrived.

On to the Broadway ATM and then to cross Broadway in what was now a much heavier rain, finding protection in a nearby building entrance to wait for a return bus to arrive. Success, in other words. Not much walking was accomplished, but we were at least outside long enough to stretch a bit and feel the outlook rise.

Evening. Listened to Democracy Now!, spent five minutes with the guitar, watched something palatable on the tablet and then started an episode of Vera on PBS at eight. One, it turned out, I've seen before and didn't remember, other then it hadn't been all that interesting back when. Not a great day, but not a bad day compared to recent days, and so we're up for the coming days (and hip) to be better.

The photo up top was taken Monday at the Reclaim MLK March while it passed below my apartment on Grand with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.