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January 18, 2017


Wednesday. A decent night's sleep; the hip, leg and rib a little less sore, but I'm afraid the damage had to have been done when I fell in the bathroom at three in the morning and not somehow by sleeping on it in an odd position. How many stories do you hear of “old” folks falling? The aching hip and leg did begin to ache when I got into bed Sunday night, but the aching rib area, the hip and the cut on the forehead were more likely caused by a fall. I now think.

It rained last night and looked like it would start again at any moment, so up at six to drive to breakfast, the weight this morning now at to one-fifty again on the scale. An arbitrary number, but we'll arbitrarily say it's where it should be and take it from there.

Didn't rain driving to or from breakfast, although it's raining now sitting here at the computer. They're now saying rain through the weekend which will screw up photographing the demonstrations planned for Friday and Saturday. I'd like to take pictures. I'd add some bitching about the quality of yesterday's entry, just the general fuzziness evident in the writing, but I've bitched enough for the morning and so we'll leave it at just saying it was depressing.

Now, now. No way to start a day.

Did I mention it's raining?

Later. A day of television and tablet, I'm afraid. Not altogether bad, of course, as that pretty much defines most of our rainy day realities around here. The problem is I stopped making any entries after the early morning and I don't remember much of what happened other than watching television, taking a nap when I got home and extending into the evening.

The photo up top was taken Monday at the Reclaim MLK March while it passed below my apartment on Grand with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.