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Here In Oakland

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January 23, 2017

Last Night

Monday. To bed and lights out early to get to sleep and then awake at seven-ten, a good hour later than usual and so, it must be said, a good night's sleep. Let's see how it affects the coming day after all my “I'm tired” carping of late.

Of late? Over these last several years!

Well, you know, we more and more easily lose track these days.

Raining last night and they were projecting quite a bit of rain today, but it wasn't raining when I was ready to leave for breakfast and so decided to walk. Some slight - you can't quite see it, but you can feel it - drops of water as I was walking, but not really getting wet and no rain at all walking home, although it's still looking chancy out there. A day to finish the Women's March pictures, post them and not much more.

Later. OK, HereInOakland is done and, true to form, I'm not altogether happy with any of them. I needed to have taken more photographs and not let so many of them turn out to be so dark and muddy, but these things happen. Unfortunately, it seems more often.

Now the carping is out of the way, we'll convert the group for artandlife and post them later, for the moment we're cooking up some spaghetti with clam sauce. Hungry. Consider hungry a good sign. And the sun seems to be shining.

I've been cooking butterfly shaped pasta with clam sauce for some months now, but for whatever reason haven't made it with spaghetti since forever. There is a taste difference, but probably not enough to mention it. Either way it was good, we'll do it more often.

Converted the files and posted them to artandlife and so now we're done. It's been clear for most of the afternoon with some short periods of rain, but they've been saying rain at five and hard into the evening, clearing up tomorrow through the end of the month.

Evening. Watched the news, laid down on the bed for a while and watched a little of this and a little of that on the tablet, got up to check out Charlie Rose and then went back to bed. Be interesting how the sleep goes tonight after the hours I managed last night.

The photo up top was taken as I was exiting the restaurant front door this morning with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.