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January 2, 2017


Monday. The world evolved into a rather funky, ocular like, incident early last night and so to bed before eight to ultimately awaken at six. Clear headed at six, but no idea what brought on whatever that might have been. The current state of the “I”, one would guess: half spaced, half the time. Perplexed.

Up without effort to drive to breakfast, the oatmeal with a side order of toast along with the fruit cup and coffee. Read the papers: Krugman is freaked about Trump and the Republican party, less so with the Clinton wing of the Democrats, but that's been his case now for some time. Ah, well. Both parties need straightening out.

Overcast, the streets wet when I got up. They're saying more rain to come and there are definitely clouds up there to back them up. One or two things to do around here while the head is still clear, might as well see if we can get one (or two) of them done.

Later. Discovered and so fixed a large number of broken journal links, some of them, I would guess, broken since the beginning of time. Corrected the name of Patti Smith's book and spelled her name properly with an “i” in yesterday's entry (one might suspect I was fried for more of yesterday than just in the evening). OK. Finished upgrading the operating system on the laptop (that I never use other than for travel and I don't really travel anymore) and the upgrade seems to have done it good. A decent start to an afternoon.

Later still. No rain, but cold. Scanned a few more of the pictures I took over Thanksgiving in Portland at my sister's in November 2000. It's been a long time since I've used the scanner. I've kept up with (and buying, when necessary) the scanner software upgrades when they've become available and it seems it's changed so much that I don't really know how to use it anymore. So I guess I read the manual if I'm going to do any significant number of scans again. One example: there are no longer menu settings for the discontinued film I was using to shoot them back then. Not the end of the world, but again, more to learn. Reminds me why I was so happy to go digital.

Evening. Listened to Democracy Now!, a repeat of one they've run recently. Managed to forget the noodles I had boiling on the stove in the space of the five minutes they needed to cook, returning by the stove twenty minutes later to realize I'd spaced out. Totally spaced out. This is the first time it's happened. Not good to forget you've left something on the stove, not the sort of thing you want to repeat. I'm sure there are stories about stoves and less than pleasant outcomes.

You worried?

More wondering.

The image up top was taken in November 2000 of my mother at my sister's house in Portland with a Nikon F5.