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Here In Oakland

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January 3, 2017


Tuesday. To bed early again, not finding anything I was willing to watch for more than about five minutes on the tablet. Does one grow tired of watching this stuff on the tablet? Still, lights out by ten to awaken briefly once or twice, and then awaken for good at quarter to six. Less sleep than some recent nights but it seems to have been enough. A drive to breakfast during a break in the rain. So far, so good.

A bath to wash the hair before heading to the haircut appointment at noon. It hasn't really been raining this mid-morning, but it doesn't look good and I'm not looking forward to taking the bus downtown. Not with a camera in tow. But we'll know in the next paragraph. I assume.

Later. Looked like rain, but just a few drops getting to the bus, the bus then downtown for the haircut. So far, so good. Finished and then over to the bus stop, a bus due in ten minutes. Still not raining, still not wet. On the bus, home dry and in one piece.

I did bring a camera, but the small Nikon V1 that fit comfortably around the neck under the rain jacket. Realized how much taking a camera with me whenever I went out had become a deeply ingrained habit, impervious to whether it made any sense to bring it or not. No pictures, hadn't thought I'd run into a situation where I'd want to take any, what with the camera under the coat and just getting to it would be a project. No complaints, just noting what's what.

It's coming down pretty hard now at two in the afternoon, they're saying something like a foot of rain is due to fall in parts of Northern California by end of day tomorrow. So we lucked out with the haircut. Nice to luck out.

Later still. Scanned a couple of more pictures from negatives taken at Thanksgiving in Portland in 2000. The scanning software seems more familiar now with additional use, but there's still more to learn. Don't like the color, the black and whites better. There's still wind gusts and rain squalls this late afternoon. The sinuses are acting up, maybe cave and take a dose of the pain meds.

Evening. Skipped the meds. Tired. Sometimes the sinuses and feeling tired become so entwined I think taking a dose of the pain meds would be a help with the tired side of the combination. From experience this hasn't been true.

To bed early. Tired is tired, best to get more sleep tonight.

Some thoughts as I was drifting off to sleep on the jury duty notice I'd gotten last month, scheduling me for this coming Monday if they call up my numbered group. I haven't been on a jury in decades and every time they've sent me a notification here in Oakland they've ended up canceling my group. We'll see.

The thought had to do with my online presence, should I be a jury candidate for an important trial, important in the sense both the prosecution and defense did research on prospective jurors. What would they think of someone who talks about taking pain meds and looming ocular migraines and such?

You've always known doing this journal is a little crazy. Less so when you're retired, but not something you'd want to practice if you were working and where employers and such could wonder what you might say about them, let alone what kind of lapses and shenanigans you might be prone to while on the job.

We live in our own little insular world, let us cross our fingers and hope we survive.

The image up top was taken during Thanksgiving in Portland at my sister's in November 2000 with a Nikon F5.