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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


January 1, 2017


Sunday. Lights out before ten to awaken briefly at one in the morning. Quiet at one in the morning. Back to sleep and then awake at six, taking my time putting things together as my morning restaurant wasn't opening until eight. Well, starting to serve at eight, Joe, who opens, gets in much earlier and so I drove to breakfast at seven to find my table without a problem. Are we in our rut or what?

OK, New Years Day, read the papers, have a breakfast I wasn't able to finish, too much to eat. Out the door to photograph these two sitting outside the restaurant next door and then on home. Clear day, sun, maybe go out later. Maybe not say anything about later, as I recently read people who communicate their New Year resolutions are less likely to hold to them. Like my “I'm going to do this today” declarations that fizzle by afternoon.

You know they're most likely to fizzle when you write them.

True, but it's a New Year, maybe see if we can't change.

By writing it down? Here? Now?

Later. An hour's nap to then turn on the radio in the middle of an Patti Smith interview on NPR radio where she was talking about her book M Train and I found myself absorbed right into the conversation. Hadn't I bought a copy of M Train? Didn't I have one up on one of the shelves? I did. In the bedside table. What I did not have was a copy of her first album Horses, released in 1975, a time when I was still into and buying records. Maybe it's not filed in order? No, in checking, I don't have a copy.

Anyway, why her book left unread, bought not all that long ago after hearing another interview with her on the radio? At least I'm not buying them anymore (not many, anymore) and then ending up not reading them. Except for this one. And, um, one or two others.

Evening. Went back and forth between the 49ers and the Raiders games, both of them ending in a loss. Watched football and whatever else I could find on television to include another Elementary episode I'd seen before to round out the afternoon and take us into the evening. No walk today, for good or bad. Whatever it was I might have thought about this morning to do later in the afternoon was left undone.

The image up top was taken in November 2000 of Sylvie at my sister's in Portland with a Nikon F5.