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December 31, 2016

New Years Eve

Saturday. Don't quite remember when I turned the lights out last night, but early enough, awakening at just before six to drive to breakfast on another going to be clear morning. No meters today, but arriving early, I was done with breakfast and the papers before eight and so headed home, meters running or not. Not, pretty sure not, but there's always a raised eyebrow and a question lurking somewhere.

I do need to get that Chapstick and go by an ATM today (as I said I needed to do yesterday and the day before that), so maybe we'll get it done. No more Harry & David distractions sitting in the kitchen and there is the Washington-Alabama game this afternoon. Stuff to keep us entertained on this last day of the year.

Later. A slow day. A nap and then another nap. No interest in anything on the tablet and nothing whatsoever on television as I can't receive the Washington-Alabama game and so a walk finally to the ATM on Lakeshore and then to pick up Chapstick at the nearby CVS store. Except I bought their store brand lip balm version instead of Chapstick at twice the price. I always suspect the brand name stuff is the same as the branded stuff when it looks the same, tastes the same and seems to work the same if it works at all.

I hadn't walked through the parking lot at the bottom of my hill behind the bus stop as I was heading out for the ATM and so I couldn't tell when this happened, if it had happened today or last night. In retrospect it's not the best angle for the photograph, better to have shown the other bags just inside the broken window. I'm assuming whomever did it saw the bags and only then decided to break in. How many times have I seen broken windows and broken glass in and around this lot? Or the nearby neighborhood? Wonder if the video cam focused on the lot caught any of it when it happened?

Later still. Washington seems to have gotten itself hosed by Alabama from what I see on the web. Otherwise it's been television for the rest of the afternoon, stumbling across an episode of Elementary at two. I'd seen it before, didn't need to see it again.

Evening. More television. Unless I'm still awake at midnight and hear the fireworks in the distance, this evening could have been any evening other than a New Years Eve.

The image up top was taken on this day three years ago at the Oakland City Center with a Nikon D3s, mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.