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Here In Oakland

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December 30, 2016

I'd Say

Friday. To bed fairly early, although lights out somewhat after ten to awaken then at six-thirty. Again, a decent night's sleep before setting out on another cold morning, but deciding to cross Grand and take a picture of the lake. Not great, but interesting for the light.

Had the oatmeal and a side order of toast for breakfast along with the usual fruit cup and coffee. I'd been surprised to received a Ben & Jerry's package from my sister for Christmas late yesterday and sampled the various nuts, chocolates and caramel popcorn it contained. An ambitious test of the ocular migraine susceptibility was my excuse. They were good. So another reason for a lighter breakfast other than the fact that's what happened to appeal, Harry and David be damned.

A walk home to take the usual pictures of flowers. The same flowers. I tell myself I'm testing for exposure and sharpness and that's true, I have learned a thing or two in taking them, but any of that testing was over long ago. For some reason I continue. Of more interest to psychologists than photographers I suppose. Or both.

Later. A two hour nap at eleven. OK, wrong about getting enough sleep, I guess, but better now.

I should get out to pick up that Chapstick I talked about yesterday, if just to get in a walk, but we've been watching the Stanford-North Carolina game and avoiding anything more taxing than eating more of the chocolate that came with the Harry & David package. So far no ocular migraines. Or effects.

Later still. The Stanford-North Carolina game, at least the last half that I watched, was pretty good. Better than anything else available on (my limited access to) television, anyway. There's a Washington-Alabama game tomorrow that I'll undoubtedly dial into as a good ex-Husky.

Otherwise time on the tablet, time spent listening to the usual news programs and more time than I like to admit working on the Harry & David assortment of chocolate stuff. Still no ocular migraine reactions, so good. Not that much in the package to worry about and so might as well enjoy it.

Evening. The usual Democracy Now! and a look at Charlie Rose before going to bed and switching back and forth between movies and series on the tablet. One or two incidences of “can't play now, but try again later” today. They happen now and again, but more now than again this day I'd say.

The image up top was taken on this day three years ago at the Oakland City Center with a Nikon D3s, mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.