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December 29, 2016

I Guess

Thursday. I'd say another decent night's sleep, awakening after six to then walk to breakfast without incident (or getting too cold). Another clear, going to be sunny, day. Hey. No complaints.

A call this morning with yesterday's lab results: it was within range and so we'll now go back to a normal, have it taken every four weeks, schedule. I've been doing this for so long it's become background noise, something you're so used to doing you no longer pay it any attention, but good to keep the numbers where they should be. There's a reason for this.

Nothing on the schedule so we'll make some modest plans. Start by going through next year's calendar and transfer over appointments and upcoming events to photograph. Make month by month notes on the new calendar from this year's calendar as heads up for events I've photographed in the past. Important to do as they're easy to forget.

Later. What else, it's noon, a walk to the lake with no idea whatsoever where I might go. A bit hungry, it was noon, but nothing appealed. I do need some Chapstick, though, and so some thought of catching a bus to the pharmacy downtown to pick some up. An easy enough ride, but downtown did not call out. Neither did the Lakeshore pharmacy in the other direction, if only for the walk. Not for the first time, these things, I'm afraid.

So back to the apartment. Clear headed, actually, after all that “the head freezes over in the afternoons” crap, and so set about transferring the needed data to the new calendar without apparent damage. Perhaps something even more ambitious to follow? Now?

Later still. Cleaned up the desk. Not the same thing as say curing cancer, but closer than you might think. Good to see the desk again. Some time spent moving the small iPod Bose speaker from the living room to the bedroom (where it may well be used instead of just sitting up on a speaker column gathering dust).

To gather dust in the bedroom or to keep you up late listening to whatever it is you recorded on that old iPod?

We'll deal with it when we come to it.

Evening. Started with Democracy Now! - what else? - and then watched something called Cilla at eight. My trouble making out the accents on New Tricks was nothing compared to making them out here, a story set in England at the Caravan Club during its early period with the Beatles, Cilla, a young girl who wanted to make it as a singer. I think. The ending didn't seem like an ending and so I looked it up on the web and discovered, after the fact, it was a first episode with more in the weeks to follow. OK. We'll watch next week. I guess.

The image up top was taken through a store window while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4, mounted with a 105mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens.